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I´m going to diss you, so I expect you to diss me back.

Max of 38 lines


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  • yuh,
  • call me a jedi cause your goin down by force, clown gonna look stupid
  • like hes crying on the peoples court, declaring this one a dead body
  • take his cold ass to the morgue. came like the reaper, i gotta deed to
  • complete here, sad theres nothing to recieve here.
  • well if your already nothing ill send you to oblivion, fuck it ill send
  • your ancient ass back to the jurassic period.
  • crashing your career like a meteor, your story will be told, but it wont
  • be your bloodline speaking it.
  • yuh
  • you showed up now your silly ass is dust, bitch ill teach you who not to
  • trust. turned your cap into the dunce, listen cuz im only speaking once.
  • your wording is a rhythmical dad pun, spitting like there is no sun,
  • your fucking done, i got your career on the run, i told him i already won.
  • jokes on you, killed you billed you, sat down and tutored you.
  • just changed your d minus to a z for you, your payment was already due
  • you wanted this hell so it falls on you. pressured you should feel
  • a god is disappointed in you.
  • i believe i stole the show, im bragging cuz i never feel the low, guess im grass
  • cuz i can only grow. bars so hot, i hear screams when i walk through snow.
  • face-to-face, you already know, next time compell, if you were taught anything
  • brought to my challenge say no
  • How to Say No in 23 Different Languages
  • Afrikaans: Nee (nee-uh)
  • Arabic: لا or La (lah - “a” as in “yacht”)
  • Bengali: না or Nā (nah - “a” as in “yacht”)
  • Dutch: Nee (nay)
  • French: Non (noh)
  • German: Nein (nine)
  • Greek (modern): Όχι or óchi (oh-hee)
  • Hausa: A'a (ah-ah - “a” as in “yacht”)


  • That shit was wack as fuck
  • Rhymes flow through me like blood
  • Blood and cuts, ifs and buts
  • Smoke until i ain't got no lungs
  • Bitch-made since 6th grade, he need his rope cut
  • Washing these holy lands in their heathen blood,
  • Right flows down and they might go nice
  • With blood of a lesser tease
  • And watch ya blood drip out
  • I must go like fly route
  • Blood mutation in my formation
  • "stay strong, keep your faith in god," what i told him
  • Times in this crime land, my thug nation
  • Might stop his blood circulation

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