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  • yo fear get out of my head i need you dead like a sled people don't like you they just pretend they do
  • so while you think everyone loves you no they just pretend spend time with people
  • you don't like so you can get to know them no
  • Fear
  • ay don't talk to me like that before i take this knife and get a shovel and dig a hole and bury you in it
  • so you'll be dead like us demons in hell cause yes john that's where you're gonna go when you die bitch
  • Me
  • you just mad because yo know how much people hate you but you don't care you just
  • want me out the picture well no oh lord you got a knife in your hand don't stab me
  • please i wanna live stab
  • fear
  • hahaha look he dead he a worse can't even take stab
  • Me oh yea look behind ya bam bye fear just shot ya fear in your deer like in your ballsack then in your head now your dead.

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