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  • My styles derive from blood, sweat, and tears,
  • They prepared for me from a time even before the third Reich appeared,
  • So advanced beyond my years and time,
  • They've been fearing mine, cause they can't come near in rhyme,
  • The dreamer's diction for your inner system,
  • Cause I defend the weakened victims with wisdom,
  • Kingdoms I conquer, your hate can't list em,
  • These that I kick, you fear when the flow hits,
  • Man with the jam and the slow mix to notice,
  • They don't know what to do with me, MC try to surpass me?
  • Bloodline might simply reveal an Asiatic pygmy, liable for a class B,
  • Competitors try to inhibit some fear but can't come near,
  • From ancient monarchs to Pharaohs,
  • Their respective impacts seem shallow,
  • None could leave imprints on people like mine,
  • Victory over souls through nice rhymes,
  • Deep to the bone, I penetrate souls and homes,
  • Sifting through language like a fine comb,
  • Utilizing the tools of the trade, MCs who bite are fools I will fade,
  • Never develop complexity to match, or make the grade,
  • Check the steps as I lay the rhyme, pick the favorite pair,
  • Cause when I flow deep, nothing else compares,
  • Emissary of the lost styles and sounds,
  • Questioning problematic displays, is it a pronoun,
  • Verb or a throttled noun? One for the sounds,
  • My clinical advisory is for rappers to not think of it as moot, And settle down,
  • If lyrics are ammunition, then I simply shoot the better rounds,
  • Competitively my rhymes are better than a bottle down,
  • I lift your spirits better than chemicals or the Seraphims,
  • Valuable like ancient relics embedded inside Pyramids,
  • Split the impure to the pure, and maintain the unitary,
  • Cause the troops get mad,
  • When I explain morality: its just good and bad,
  • Solitary and sacrosanct, I use vocabulary generously,
  • And MCs seek beef but don't even get ham,
  • This is the commentary of a man to thank,
  • Ideologies coming at you to plant,
  • Visionary, not a saint, the images I paint and lay claim to the throne,
  • Rappers flown to different heights when Im in the zone,
  • Atmospheric intervention, undertones blasted on the microphone,
  • Replicating styles and sounds of the apex,
  • Learned from the same two best emcees,
  • My rhymes deliver nihilists to a mindset that is less empty,
  • And have the propensity to tesselate your thoughts,
  • Implanting knowledge so dangerous, they belong in Fort Knox,
  • The magic of these combinations, as you groove to the smooth,
  • The rhymes everlasting, and it only improves your mood,
  • Lyrical invasion, the proclamation of skill,
  • Words like the rarest denominations of 100 dollar bills,
  • Emcees bite the flow pattern,
  • While I rock and talk with Manhattan,
  • And I'd hold whole flocks of New York,
  • Combinations disguised within deep mathematics,
  • Advanced, the profane at first glance might call it magic,
  • So watch where the shot of the sniper land,
  • Surgical with terminology, pen becomes a knife in hand,
  • So I raise the feast for peace,
  • And for the biters, I say you should at least own it,
  • Might catch me in the alley for the finale,
  • Clutching the chrome grip,
  • Peeps I roll with might mark your soul with the whole clip,
  • My rhymes degree makes many retreat,
  • So watch the tone and rhythm, I enumerate the complexity of life through a bolder prism,


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  • Makkin 30k sittin on my couch
  • milkin blocks i dont care bout no clout
  • thats facts i be droppin no Cap!
  • standin on my stage why you looking a little scare
  • dont talk you cant walk the walk dont talk me u cant
  • walk the walk

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