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Since I never sent the battle...

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  • You have no fucking life, you've proven that each time you're on my wall
  • Only time you're offline is when your mom makes you come to the store
  • You calling my girl ugly, but your bitch is clearly a whore
  • If she dates yo ugly ass then she don't love you, that's for sure
  • Faggot ass always riding on my dick
  • But I just be hella vibing, no time for your bullshit
  • You wanna battle, ight bet, I can do this shit any day
  • You think you're fucking tough because you called a nigga gay?
  • That's just sad, your mom's a fucking slag
  • Fucked that bitch then got the bag, prolly waving your pride flag
  • Burn that shit then make you mad, fucking hell
  • Pussy boy, go kill yourself
  • Talkin bout big booty bitches when you got no hoes
  • -2 inches of dick is probably your only honest line
  • You're hella fucking pissed cuz I said shit online
  • Meet me in real life and you're be too scared to talk
  • If you said some shit, you'd end up like Tupac
  • I really don't care about your dumbass opinions
  • But since you wanna talk on my friends, that's a sin
  • I'll kick your ass and send you to heaven
  • Wait you're a faggot, guess you'll have to settle with hell
  • You think you're hard like when you wrote collateral
  • Your music's ass, you don't have any skill
  • They used to call me punkdoc, but it's rejekt for the kill
  • You're talking all this shit, just take your fucking blue pill pussy
  • So pissed off cuz I called you out
  • You're attention seeking, you just want clout
  • Prolly Vertigo on an alt, slit your wrist a couple more times
  • Bleed yourself out over someone's rhymes


  • I'm here with four oranges
  • Injecting venom like syringes
  • Ford engines or extension cords
  • Bored pensions in these trying times
  • Dying mimes crying chimes, through the neighborhood
  • Bored horse with a hood not good
  • Board coarse with more wood sand it
  • I'm a bandit of this shit
  • Pat on the back for effort but when I'm rhyming it's a fort, built like bunker hill
  • Crazy Florida like Gunther, Bill backwards name that's for tame faggots
  • Who have more fame status and they came at us accidentally killed ‘em like medical malpractice
  • Poke your bitch like a cactus you’ll never distract us from this practice
  • ms Mattick regrets telling me off cuz that bitch had it
  • my wrath bitch I hate math that's it with that story time for another I'm going
  • to court I get sued by Cindy Lou Who and some new dude
  • I poked him in the eye with a soldering iron and had some thoughts of retiring but fuck that
  • I'm surrounded by children like The Rugrats
  • Sweep the bodies under the rug thats how we do in the big D
  • Now you see me Now you wanna be me
  • but you're not so fuck you thot caught sucking a guys dick
  • I'm a preacher with a street sweeper with a heat seeker but I don't need a heater
  • No I don't need her
  • Bitch I'm a born killer like Eric Harris
  • I feel like I'm from Mars it's
  • Crazy maybe I an a martian
  • Running through target with a shopping cart and
  • Doin the challenge with the milk cartons
  • Tripping falling mostly tripping but I’m still spitting
  • And hitting this kid gotta be kidding little kiddy
  • Boy is like Garfield fat ass
  • Boy grabbing the crop yield
  • Boy sits on his ass plays battlefield
  • Gay as Nas X
  • Pause hex
  • On my man he frozen
  • Come on boy just let it go
  • Like a picture book you’re wide open
  • Drop the hoe
  • I ain’t closing you just yet
  • This gonna be something you regret
  • Eh fuck you’re not worth it
  • Just like B Rabbit I got vomit
  • On my sweater
  • From your cringe shit shit that just lasts forever

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