Battles  LiLmanTJ vs drippy_josh


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Max of 18 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


  • My boys have packed their guns
  • cause i just earned millions
  • bout to erase your existence
  • im gonna make a difference
  • cause im the prince of violence
  • but some are hard to convince
  • that i would have the confidence
  • that when i take you out ill be the icon
  • but just don't try cause i already won


  • intro
  • yo TJ are u trying to dis me
  • well go a head u piss me of
  • you name is tj ur 3 ft tall
  • and if i had to gess your dick is small
  • im a fuck u upside da wall
  • and your girl gona fall
  • get on her nees an shack her ass
  • dont fuck with me im gona have to pass
  • becuse idgaf u a fucking cunt
  • im a get u to roll my blunts

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