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  • used to commit crimes, did it all the time, never really mind
  • but now thats how im defined with the constant remind that a criminal lives inside
  • never had the right guide, nobody to provide, always was set aside
  • they was never satisfied, I always tried but they was too uptight
  • it was always fight or flight but I chose to stay and fight while hearing screams every night
  • foster care had me all scared, came in unprepared
  • sending kids in to get repaired but we was always compared
  • whenever there was a new kid, we always shared the same glare cause we already knew they was gonna treat us unfair
  • a good home was rare, but it stayed in my prayer, they would send you anywhere and everywhere
  • they never cared, make em mad then your squared
  • I will never be the same I became hard to detain
  • they said we lied so why explain just to get thrown in a hospital for the insane
  • get restraints on a bed now your chained, the fake it till you make it game was hard to maintain
  • I remember everything, what a shame, that life I never overcame
  • every cop knew my name, my habits stayed the same and made me who I am today


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  • In battles im coming hard just like a Super Soldier
  • Hot like a supernova, hope i don't get pulled over.
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  • Reverse osmosis, dispersed to kill the atrocious
  • Going through the motions like VR controllers
  • If theres no visuals my nigga then its a voiceover.
  • There's money on my head cuz im the crown holder
  • Drunken fighting style my bars don't welcome the sober
  • Inhale the ether you can smell with no odor
  • Hoes crying about trill be getting the cold shoulder.
  • My pens polar, my ink holds the heat like its solar
  • When i drop in silence its like i drop a mortar
  • My opps over the border before my lines become shorter
  • Go work in my trap as a fentanyl and heroin sorter
  • Ill have you riding the jungle like amazon filling orders
  • Then pay you in quarters put you on a horse to be quartered.

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