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  • look yea yea yea uh
  • yea yea yea yea uh
  • ay look
  • made it out the hood i was misunderstood
  • i was caught underwood and i lost my brotherhood
  • all that shit had me shook it was my childhood
  • now i'm applying pressure ya i'm looking fresher
  • it would be my pleasure to take your treasure
  • wearing that leather i said whenever
  • i aint a measure but we stick together
  • just like the weather that pussy get wetter
  • never been better i just like the pleasure
  • i'm doing whatever im just getting better
  • man i love me that cheddar i eat it whenever
  • yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea yea
  • i got it out the mud i saw a nigga got drugged
  • it was me who could have been mugged
  • but i keep it in like a plug ya i a big thug
  • bout to make it flood i dont give a fuck
  • im really bout to nut i'm just full of luck
  • hold on
  • i'm running me a marathon ya bitch megatron
  • up in yo bad bitch hella fun
  • look lemme get to the point
  • these niggas fake i see through them like plastic
  • it ain't fantastic slim thick lil bitch i eat her like a sandwich
  • i keep it strapped it's all just facts no contacts
  • i did not ask im wearing a mask i could have crashed
  • im pushing the gas me and my bitch could smash
  • when i'm cutting the grass im not doing the math
  • they say i'm a psychopath that's a little to rash
  • my bad i chose the right path and im having a blast
  • im rhyming i'm always grinding ya i be smiling
  • my shit shining that bad bitch biting
  • nigga came out from hiding now he really driving
  • get struck by these bars like lightning see a young king rising
  • yesterday i slayed today i'm just getting paid
  • i'm a real hustler i'm smooth like butter yo bitch from the gutters
  • ya i know my numbers sad you dont know your colors
  • all these bitches is fuckers ya i called them motherfuckers
  • this shit keep getting worse might have to put this shit in reverse
  • taking a ride in that hearse


  • savage mode in this bitch
  • savage mode stay bad
  • say we friends but you switch
  • they judge me by the past
  • raised to be savage
  • bout tired of this mask
  • the past just baggage
  • always was the outcast
  • ain't ever been average
  • police pull up gotta run fast
  • get a chance take advantage
  • talk shit but you play minecraft
  • full on savage with a lotta baggage
  • push me away I'm trapped
  • the bad I encourage
  • already pissed me off already snapped

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