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i wrote a rap, now you react to it, write something related and defending urself :)

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  • Yo I'm gone' be famous when I'm older
  • Tell them haters that I told ya
  • Yeah those girlies wanna fight me
  • get them boys cuz they all like me
  • that girl wearing a tiara
  • so sad that no body want her
  • i got ice all round my neck
  • they follow me like I'm their pet
  • That guy take me on a date
  • tell the rest they'll have to wait
  • mess with me you get the karma
  • i will serve that bitch with drama
  • i got gucci on my hip
  • these guys all wanna see me dip
  • my crown may slip but never fall
  • i ain't scared of you at all
  • on my finger sits a ruby
  • so much many they gone' sue me
  • yo, my girls will hunt you down
  • in our torture you will drown
  • you are no where to be found
  • hide you underneath that mound
  • there's a murder on the tv
  • hit on them until they free me


  • Imma running this town, imma king without a crown
  • Got the hoes running, make all the em fucking boys frown
  • You got ice? That's nice, i got ice, not the same type
  • Me and my boys on the same hype, pickin shorties like they ripe
  • Don't need no bands, i been busy on demands,
  • driving by that hoe house, like i'm running fucking errands!
  • Don't need no heat to kick some ass,
  • got my lyrical insanity and a wagon of class
  • 13 seeming like the right age, for young rappers making no wage
  • But at least all of us are on the same page,
  • basing all lyrics on emotions like rage,
  • you don't need to write forever, to understand some bars,
  • Cos i barely live on earth, my mind is up on Mars.

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