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  • Deep, the weak are quick to recognize through my feats,
  • No defeat, as I can't be beat, short and brief,
  • I'm courting grief, and acquire critiques belief,
  • Gone to form norms and conform,
  • and lanes like nylon chains, I bust the chalk in three,
  • So when they see the rhyming spree, the dorks will flee,
  • I hit the ratio and make you face your fears,
  • And the crowds throng to see the strong,
  • Prove em wrong with my song,
  • My rhymes are like fine paintings,
  • and connect harder than dull steel rivets,
  • It's a contest to come rest, so I don't feel regret,
  • Cheat death, and reset as I leave the microphone wet,
  • The first step, is to reckon two are left,
  • The second, is knowing time beckons,
  • The third is to go and envisage the flow,
  • Gather the impressions, my rhymes will fill entire bookshelves alone,
  • Surpass flows and explain to you the drawing on the geometric tile,
  • Flow director, I'm superfluous to the blind and known for my style,
  • Unparalleled skill levels, I hold several in hand,
  • Bursting accurately, I can probably outshoot you for tin cans,
  • A threat to nosy parkers and harkers and the administration,
  • But I mind my own business, kismet is a bees nest,
  • Demonstrating communicative prowess,
  • I test the best and left the rhyme checks to the maximum level,
  • The "Soul"-Ja, baby, never one to fold, ah,
  • I could've told ya, but you never believed until I display,
  • The way of the path got fat off these that I kick,
  • I'm way past money, power, and respect like Jadakiss,
  • Double trouble, I blow like thermite and turn the books into rubble,
  • My rhyme pages enumerate as my mind races,
  • To to finish line, opponents try to diminish mine,
  • Athletic savant, my books are as valuable as thoughts from the Levant,
  • Life and blood, what I insert here gets revamped,
  • My "business" is a "bees nest", the kinda stuff that make an outlaw flee west,
  • MC find it hard to restrain hostility,
  • Fostering these mindsets, I claim skill and responsibility,
  • The knack to knock the whack back to the black facts of the fat tracks,
  • Find my style in Baghdad, lounging in the park at dark with a napsack,
  • A polymath with expressions in several domains,
  • Flammable styles pressurised like a tank of propane,
  • Symptomatic expressions of a one of a kind mind,
  • No autographs given, but I know I got fans who want to sign mine,
  • I plan to find the contract with society,
  • One thats beneficial for both of us and involves sobriety,
  • Technical with the placement of words,
  • Whippersnapper, factorise and surmise the absurd,
  • I write for the fight and the herds, with my blood, sweat and tears,
  • Opponents know they not even close to the second verse,
  • Measure the astrononomical in my writing, I hit free throws like freekicks,
  • While I prepare the rhetoric to specialise in the knowledge of self,
  • Economical wisdom, delivering these with persistence, it will help,
  • Hit the mic, and take it further, lyrically Im on another plane,
  • MC's as fresh as me? They better cook a recipe better than lame,
  • I dress to impress like a politician looking and snooping for a good vote,
  • Commemorate my visions of me wearing a suit coat,
  • Just cause he beats my size by a meter tall,
  • Don't mean I take the windfall, it just makes him ready for a sweeter fall,
  • Recognise the potential of my entertainment,
  • My mind alone could support entire franchises,
  • My vast intellect is fast into any body of knowledge like a boat that capsizes,
  • What I cook is for the voters and sweeter than soda,
  • A quick guide to this code, no kind of time is devoted to conversationalists,


  • Every thing I wanted never seem so close
  • So get ,its time to start national building
  • She's everything love song that I love singing
  • In front of Our building,they was our heroes
  • Love reefer and love sneakers above those
  • Hop off the bus
  • That's that computer love
  • Or know them testament verses
  • That's that computer love
  • Cause the nigga done get jealous
  • I'm something like a fetus,I don't like kidding
  • She's everything love song that I love singing
  • Wood chain with a Jesu's
  • Talking about big love

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