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  • Well, it is also to be successful
  • Ha, running rebel on another level
  • Passion in rapping a blessing to even see this
  • Making a how to be successful researches,
  • I hear you callin' me to come back, i'm a sucka for love
  • Showing me all these successful rappers but not the "came to" ones
  • Then kidnapped two kids to call my own but wasn't successful with it,
  • Those privileged fucks got to learn that we ain't taking no shit
  • Track 9.) passed successful (look at me now)
  • Will somebody please show me how
  • My story if you looked at it, and carefully read it, you will notice successful endings
  • But i'm from jers' and we don't play that shitfrom the
  • clare down to north bricks, all my niggas flipping chips
  • Me and kweli come together like two pieces of metal
  • That's why me: i'm the only one guaranteed to be successful,
  • My jobs quite hard but see all of its mental
  • Plans consist of being successful
  • I ain't trynna be forward
  • Respect is the wrong word
  • Showing me all these successful rappers but not the "came to" ones
  • So i guess i’m good naira,yoruba love give em my love
  • I'm throwing you a life line, with a word of advice,
  • I'm official nice, y'all niggas fisher price
  • And when my eyes looking like a nigga tired
  • Kiddish means holy, you chose the wrong fucking word...
  • Account overdraft what i got this debit for
  • Word to the wise, peace to the narrator.
  • Plans consist of being successful
  • Never wrong at any level
  • And i've been uplifting the people i'm with
  • Don't know how to word it but i'm feeling splurges
  • My word of promise being consumed by the darkness
  • Say a grown man can separate lust from love


  • Pussy rhymes with bussy and bdussy
  • Can't figure out which one you are yet
  • Wanna battle me? bet Chet Ubetcha
  • Big here forecasting live rattle me like a tornado
  • But no not strong EMF zero oh well
  • Try again next time when you get out of hell
  • Check mine like a federal inspection
  • Dead your all in wrecks and can't put up against me
  • You trying to be flame but you're too tame
  • You're so lame no diss in that song
  • No this is that song your ass probably hitting that bong
  • When you make your songs I'm bashing you like Donkey Kong
  • Conquering like Genghis Khan I won't stop til I got 2 billion Wan
  • Oni Chan bitch

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