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  • Im sick of u. Throwing shit in my face
  • shit that dont even take place
  • u sit here and make shit up.
  • I just want the vocies to stop or shut the fuck up
  • i just want to tell the voices u hear
  • to shut the fuck up. I feel it in my gut
  • he thinks im slut. I think he needs to quit the drugs
  • . He seeing everything but bugs
  • He thinks his room is bugged. I think he can get fucked
  • your life sucks
  • your outta luck
  • thought you were Love stuck
  • I must of been drunk
  • it should of lasted longer than a month
  • I thought it was a slam dunk
  • ( chorus)
  • He about to be fucked.
  • I think this fucking sucks.
  • Your outta luck ,
  • About to get bucked
  • . U should get your shit tucked
  • . Cause u a bitch.
  • U just burned your bridge.
  • There must be a glitch.
  • I think we should switch.
  • U make me cringe
  • its like u just singed our love
  • Your Bout. To get ditched
  • Stitched in the mouth
  • Word of mouth
  • You dont amount to shit
  • I ready to quit.
  • ( chorus)
  • He about to be fucked.
  • I think this fucking sucks.
  • Your outta luck
  • about to get bucked
  • so Get a grip
  • before u trip
  • Over your own lip.
  • U make me sick
  • u have a little dick.
  • You think your slick
  • . You can suck my dick.
  • Because im about to get hit a lick.
  • All get over you quick. Cause this.


  • Beware of these basket cases who carry snakes with venom
  • Philosophers with cans of beer and jackets made of denim
  • The unexpected number one contenders plan to make an entrance
  • The underdogs with worse bite than bark and accolades of legends
  • But then manipulation’s pickin favorites, wanna be great?
  • Well they’ll just cross their hearts and hope you die it’s honestly fake
  • Garnerin fame by gettin rich off of ya name, hearts bought out for some guap and a chain
  • That’s why I ain’t follow a god or a faith, ain’t it all start with people talkin to snakes?
  • I wish for once we could all look beyond a face and a grin
  • And as the snakes shed their skin then the shade will set in
  • Fueled by hate to begin with, the lanes never switched
  • Then I stare down a demon that sprang from some kid
  • Thinkin maybe they did, crazy as shit with a stain on their conscience
  • Chasin a profit/prophet like companions in the name of Muhammad
  • Lives are taken so the saints and apostles’ graves can be polished
  • Felt the reaper’s touch before I’ve graduated from college
  • Our world is by nature illogical and plainly dishonest
  • Venom under ya pillow and snakes in the garden

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