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  • Swim in the deep end with demons
  • Facing defeat at the feet of my villians
  • Taking the blame, fuck My feelings
  • Raising the roof, fuck the ceiling
  • I'm feeling villainous, are you feeling this
  • Can't drown me, I can swim in this
  • You ain't proud of me? Well the villian is
  • I am a Parasitic symbiote,
  • Leave you paralytic with the lyrics wrote
  • Rhymes so rich, wipe my ass with a 50 note
  • And heres an anecdote, you cannot find the antidote
  • Now you mix the villian with venom
  • Got you spilling Vermillion by the billions
  • Giant buildings, built in the millions
  • And i'll send a giant to heaven
  • No matter the size, I stand tall, like im 9'11
  • Im backed in the corner,my hands are full
  • Hack and send you to a coroner, Hannibal
  • Like an unmanageable cannibal,
  • I am the demon, possess your spirit
  • Try to fight with me, I reject it, don't wanna hear it/
  • Redacted, leave you burnt like I seared it
  • I'm acting , like Pennywise, make you fear it /
  • Im bat shit, You're broke, make you Penny wise, and I steal it/
  • Subtract it, me minus you makes the whole world feel it
  • I'm done with  it
  • with the running it
  • Now to let my opposite take it and run with it/


  • A fucking love bouncy gangster beats turned up real loud
  • But i'm a different route, hip-hop lyric route
  • She leave the bathroom with a nose bleed
  • Acting gangster but you're gettin beat
  • And nike put em on punishment they won't ever come out
  • Got a condo on my wrist , i'm cashing out
  • Signing off brother ali, sincerely yours
  • I'm smokin' strong on original gangster kush,
  • This the district where politicians is fucking goons
  • Thought he was a gangster and a pimp to the prostitutes,
  • You ain't a rapper, freestyler, or gangster
  • And i won't be lyin' when i say i’m a sick rapper
  • Let me hear ya holla
  • Gangsta limpin'? Spiceberg Slim
  • Ghetto Government, ah
  • Put my tip down, mouthpiece him
  • I dont need no rim
  • My credentials, got live in every state
  • How 'bout that Kanye? WAIT A SECOND, NO
  • Usually I'm out the gate
  • You know, you know, you know
  • Why did you leave, where did you go
  • Beloved and crooked, I got mines and bust mines
  • Tryin to make that bitch your wife she fucked
  • From behind, I make you blind, laying in lines
  • We just drunk, tryna get our thang sucked
  • I'll leave your ass in tha bag bucked
  • The only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl
  • up a chicken's ass and wait.
  • You want beef in the street? Don't start that
  • My tone slick drifts to fit, manifestin this
  • Early bird on the track, first up to bat
  • Tryin to deport us if they can't destroy arrest us
  • The doors are locked, you're on the bus
  • But Dres ghost get ghost, I scram press throttle
  • Makin' money off the chiz but the weed is gettin' smoked
  • And not the one to knock another muthafucka's hustle
  • My Bgz got to trippin when the homey got soaked
  • You get choke innocent by standards get smoked
  • As we zone, on the cosmic type of funk
  • Watchin' tears droppin on me as my family stands around
  • I'm bout to put ya'll on, Buddha Monk
  • Grate the ears of old folks losin ground
  • Met her at my homie Lil' Blacky's party
  • Likewise, sex I'm eagerly tryna start!
  • I link with rich cats who's pockets stay dirty
  • You're scared to shoot me in the heart
  • New uniform, new heart, new body, new start.
  • The grocery store, and the health food spot
  • So bring it over here, over here, right here bitch
  • That billionaire boys club shit is type hot
  • I get's props and respect man, wherever I be
  • Tremblin' like you just might care for me
  • No need for the crown in the kingdom of sound
  • Son, started rappin at 12, by 15, he was sick
  • Then we hit it and pass it around
  • Nothing's waitin on you in the end
  • Killers jumping off by the evenings now
  • Shit, I set fire to a fuckin friend
  • Callaway was a dope MC, you didn't know?
  • Sharp with the flow, like darts with the flow, that means you got exposed

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