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Prezzy G vs Raine

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  • I keep The ice pick tucked so I wouldnt get too touchy/
  • The Pacman Prezzy eating m.c.'s like lunchies/
  • When the boy get comfy then the situation dummy/
  • I'm pulling Raine Man cards like a game of Rummy/
  • Want to battle that's cool so let me take you to school/
  • First off you'll never measure to my measuring rule/
  • To scoop Raine up off the ground you need a Weather Man tool/
  • And a channel 10 news crew for when we duel/
  • I'll put Raine in the clouds like its precipitation/
  • With No hesitation hes a demonstration/
  • Got Gilliespie in a hockey mask but I'm no Jason/
  • I Bet Raine fold when he see the pressure he facing/
  • So Dont make me toilet bowl yo bitch with both legs /
  • And We gone pop Dussee when his rap career dead/
  • With a balloon and a note that said Raine man scared/
  • Kicking them fabricated bars about some fabricated cars/
  • Nigga told me he had a mansion in the moon off Mars/
  • Want to be black so bad he some Koondike bars


  • This ass thinks he just changed rap battlin,
  • When 34 times he got his ass manhandled in,
  • Oh what's that, it's more than 34?,
  • He's tossed around the site for wins like a dirty whore,
  • You act quite tough for a man with so many losses,
  • Be a little humble bitch, you ain't who the boss is,
  • You hate Eminem, but you know what's wild?,
  • Your bars remind me of Lotto's from 8 Mile,
  • Hey Prezzy listen, I can give you trauma,
  • "GK TRILL, DJ MALCOLM", shit he's yellin for his mama,
  • And I know you gonna talk shit about my country,
  • Pick yo gun up, and say "RAINE PROLLY EATS CURRY,
  • You sound like you ain't ever been touched by a girl,
  • Homie shut up, you don't sound like you enjoy all the wealth,
  • You claim to have, you don't sound like you in good health,
  • Can't take a fuckin coincidental joke, he got pissed,
  • I quoted you sayin "I hope you came hard", you lost it?,
  • Bitch please, I asked to battle yo ass to have some fun,
  • But I bet you wrote yo raps, chokin on Capri Sun
  • Haha

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