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This battle ended in a tie.


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  • My clip gon(na) tell the story, get it MAGAZINE?
  • i heard this clown in town and he was "rappin"; HAD TO SEE,
  • i pull up at yo circus in some shit you HAVENT SEEN
  • uzi in my left hand sprayin lead out da DRIVERS SEAT,
  • shit i made u mad? hell yeah thats good, get MAD AT ME,
  • bitch call me godzilla the way my flow is rekeing HAVOC, SEE?
  • imma waste you BITCH
  • youre rhymes are SHIT
  • dont feel your punchlines cuz dey dont HIT
  • matter of fact nigga they always MISS,
  • (holdup) matter o fact nigga they DONT EXIST
  • but mine sure do so taste my FIST,
  • this fuckin flow is so LEGIT
  • got me feelin like EMINEM
  • your doom motherfucka is IMMENENT
  • lil nigga please excuse my EMINENCE
  • call me charming motherfucka cuz IM DA PRINCE
  • (yeah) Hence(hints) dont mess with THIS
  • your blood on my hands i NEED A RINSE
  • i woulda called a motherfuckin AMBULANCE
  • but ay nah i didnt have a HAND IN THIS
  • build a house around my lyrics with a YARD AND FENCE
  • looks ight outside but GUESS WHAT IN?
  • im a g motherfucker i dont PLAY PRETEND
  • unlike u and your barbies nigga BREATHE IT IN
  • im dangerous nigga (DONT MESS WITH HIM)
  • ill spray holes in yo ass nigga: dats THE END


  • You can crumble me up and kick me on the ground
  • Like a piece of trash that's been buried underground
  • Y'all can line up and start shooting all your rounds
  • They think I'm so trash. It's ok, cut me down
  • I don't care. Cuz I'm strong
  • I can take it all day long
  • Rap is chess. I'm a pawn
  • Think I'm good? Well, you're wrong.
  • If you wanna tag along
  • If you wanna play along
  • Wanna challenge me? Good
  • Go ahead. Pistols drawn.

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