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I'm going to diss you, so I expect you to diss me back.

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  • yeah, they come and they drop down, they show up with the gang i flame
  • them till they ghost town, i got the cops knowin who not to fuck with now
  • im showing off, say your a star, next your star dust, like a monster
  • dont alarm us, walking your way, you thought youd walk out thus.
  • i dont fight with bars, id lie to call them knifes, im not harleyquinn whats
  • more efficient if you fight, faster too, like the way i spit, this is what i call
  • fucking intelligent, start taking notes, and listen when im spelling it,
  • legends im telling it, i dont listen to the negatives, i stay elagant,
  • im bad, your bad, hes bad, fuckin websites built like the fruitloops toucan.
  • who the fuck cares dont aim just start shootin, inf ammo now who do
  • you think would start losin. dont think anyones battled me without
  • me snoozin, no one can compete so i have no one to start choosin.
  • coming up here like you have no idea what your doin, ill tell you right now
  • you are fuckin losin, like a deathray thats the amount of damage im doin,
  • are the pieces finnaly gluin, when your gone, you wont have to think about
  • it cause, your no longer my student.


  • It ain't worth it battling not worth it imma roll it up

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