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  • the past got me goin' crazy
  • sometimes I don't care bout my safety
  • but it's been getting to me lately
  • thinkin bout it daily
  • tell me to act like a lady
  • nowadays I think everybody shady
  • hope to keep it steady
  • pains unmanageable but soon I'll be ready
  • hearts feelin heavy
  • wish this was imaginary
  • cant change the past but can make it legendary
  • blessed not to be in a cemetery
  • people get lucky rarely but I did, very
  • lived an adult life already
  • the streets is deadly, on the contrary
  • what I did wasn't necessary


  • ahem
  • 05 look alive, or maybe you shouldent cuz luck runs outta time,
  • mortal kombat fatality, i bet you wont spit when i break your spine,
  • doesent matter, your parents found you to be worth a dime,
  • weaklings like you, get pushed over like a ball, who the fucks gonna care
  • when you have no use at all, dissing you like im on a 2 trillion dollar hitman
  • call.
  • sad, cause when i threaten, you pull out the nerf, pissing all over, this is my
  • fucking turf,
  • your a one pillar tower, one roast and you drop, learn it fucking now
  • im THE ONE ON TOP, theres nothing you can really do but
  • realize youve been stopped, detaining your dignity like im the fucking
  • cops.

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