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  • Uh muddafuckah done went too damm fast
  • If that boy uh decoy I'm kickin' his ass
  • I know they wuh eat mine cause they textin' real fast
  • Tell me can you run it up but still collect cash
  • That boy he was poison almost gave me uh rash
  • They goan call me Sonic cause I'm doing the dash
  • If I find yo skull it goan be mine to bash
  • Shoutout D M X he collected the cash (unh)


  • You lost to Prezzy twice, how the fuck does that happen? When it's comes to hits, I get to slappin'
  • Jughead? Man I gotta contain this bitch. I ain't finished, I only started this shit
  • Got a song called CUMLapse, that's a fruity title. I scorch fuckers, you ain't ready vuh dat
  • Your demons are scared because you challenged this entity. Soon, you'll be giving head to me
  • Only way you get followers is when you follow others, you ain't a lead. Go back like I said recede
  • Word to the streets, everyone will remember me. End careers like 2Pac on his enemies
  • You make no sense like saying "Christian as hell". Got a hospital bill, how many people hit my cell
  • You can't match this, gas you, stab you with smashed glass and stuff you into a black mattress

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