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Violet_ won this battle!


This rap was deleted.


  • You wanna win but can't do that shit. I could still win a battle by saying "Just quit"
  • This battling ain't healthy for you, my little pony. Stop with the cap, everyone knows you're phony
  • Ripped so many mics, I got a dead paparazzi. You got Maserati flows but I'm the Bugatti
  • I capitalise off the fact I'm on the rise. I shine so bright, you be squinting your eyes
  • Having a drag of the smack, have you closing your eyes. Bitch in disguise, "I'm fly in the sky"
  • I suggest don't try rhyme as tight as 5' 9" or I. Snitch looking like a clown bitch, 6ix9ine
  • Got a lion as your pic, so that shows you're vicious and malicious but I'll leave you skinless
  • You can't kill a beat, even if you deleted it. You couldn't kill a verse if you shot a bullet at it
  • Grab me the mic and call me a reporter. Creating a circle with how you cutting so many corners
  • You try force people to vote for you, and you still lose to me. That's shows you're shit, B U D
  • You just in the scenery now back up, dancer. Now I'mma go and stack some cheddar
  • I write until my page is outta space, like extra terrestrials. Tryna shoot me with empty shells
  • You're a jaw-breaker? I'll break your face. Grab the AK and shoot brains all over the place
  • End your career before I do it for you. Choking in all your battles, must've been born blue
  • You haven't had enough? You still want more beef? You'll have it picked out of your broken teeth
  • 16 bars and I already won. But I'mma keep it going because I find it fun, you dumb cunt
  • You'll get knocked up like a unprotected slag. You be so fat, got a bum bag of belly flab
  • On God, you won't win a battle against me. Getting messy when I kill so don't try test me
  • Uno battles you won, that ain't changing. Even McRuthless could be you and I'm not even playing
  • When the fuck you gonna realise that this bitch runs this rap shit? Fat prick, just Alt+F4 and quit
  • I'll slice you up and down like 6 o'clock. Mock you like the week, then I could have you doxxed
  • Little do you know, you'll give up in a few months. You've taken more Ls than hillbilly cunt
  • Little do you know, you'll be dead in a few months. Hope this battle shows you've had enough
  • No amount of lines will make people decide that I die. That ain't no lie, you daft little "guy"
  • Onika saying "I'm coming for these rap bitches if they ready or not", well so am I. Just fuckin die
  • Think that you'll win? I'll leave you like Lil Kim. I stick out from her nose, you just a ho bro
  • Why fight Vi when I terminate like a full stop? Have you dropped like a jaw, oh hell naw
  • I'm the queen of this rap shit, like it or not. I ain't a newcomer, I got the veteran's spot
  • No amateur seats, I be V I P. People hitting my P H O N E like a pillow when you're angry
  • Just stop tryna win, we know it won't happen. You rap about random shit, and most of it's capping
  • Opps tryna take my crown, bitch it's gorilla-glued to my head. Can't take it even after I'm dead
  • So you really wanna bleed? We'll see how long it be before you in the coffin, shat on and buried
  • Honestly, I'm getting bored of this shit. Kinda wanna verse a challenge, you won't give me it

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