Battles  OFFICIAL_CONCEPT vs Chord-Delia


Same length, Same rhyme scheme but different rhymes. No dissing.

Max of 36 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • You can crumble me up and kick me on the ground
  • Like a piece of trash that's been buried underground
  • Y'all can line up and start shooting all your rounds
  • They think I'm so trash. It's ok, cut me down
  • I don't care. Cuz I'm strong
  • I can take it all day long
  • Rap is chess. I'm a pawn
  • Think I'm good? Well, you're wrong.
  • If you wanna tag along
  • If you wanna play along
  • Wanna challenge me? Good
  • Go ahead. Pistols drawn.
  • I'm inevitable
  • Some of my rhymes can be questionable
  • My mind's impenetrable
  • My lyrics are unintelligible
  • Not reputable
  • Me and myself: inseparable
  • If rap was edible
  • I'd eat it like a vegetable
  • I know I suck. That's a fact
  • And I run into war with a bomb that is strapped
  • To my chest. So y'all should get back
  • Cuz then I'll blow up like we under attack.
  • I know that you cracked
  • Cuz I felt you shake like a plane just impacted
  • Into some towers. Like in Iraq
  • Like the Twin Towers is bout to collapse
  • Ok I've gone too far I need to end this
  • I think I just become a frickin' menace
  • Yeah my life has become a game of tennis
  • Y'all will hit me all day. It will always be endless
  • This song will prolly leave some breathless
  • Some of these bars be reckless
  • Talkin' bombs and guns man this rap be senseless
  • Wear a rope round my neck and then call it a necklace.


  • Am a little rebellious, they should've known
  • Am a complete stranger when I hold the microphone
  • Am prone to be a felony condoned
  • I got the most aggressive ways, never to be toned
  • Why should I follow you? Fuck it! Am my own
  • So, no. I'll do my own shit, get ghetto
  • Ride my own flow fast pace or slow mo
  • You should change up ur rules...Hello? Bro?
  • Got so cold, they thought I been walking through the snow
  • Got a prollem-Shhh! I guess we'll Neva know
  • Throw a flow, put on a show. Errything is gettn low
  • Butcher em top stars, throw em in a slaughter house
  • Tell the truth, I ain't wastin lyricism on supm u tryna control
  • Give me my space to erase a case, am a real born negro
  • Dunno why you asked for a battle?
  • This shit ain't giving me vibe, plus I got some heat to prepare for Acognito

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