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I honestly don't care, just do your pathetic rap.

Max of 18 lines


OFFICIAL_CONCEPT won this battle!


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  • why are you here, this isn't for kids
  • you're a little kid, just open your eyelids
  • you think you're a savage, but you rap like an unstable Ai
  • So when i'm done with you, you will just be on the floor and cry
  • say all you want, you'll fail like you did in school all day
  • if you think you'll win this one, your mind is cray cray(crazy)
  • you say you have good hygiene, everyone thought you were a skunk
  • you're like a fish that can't be saved, from the drain and that got sunk'd
  • I might not know you, but i know you can't rap
  • you already lost, so everyone just clapped.


  • You can crumble me up and kick me on the ground
  • Like a piece of trash that's been buried underground
  • Y'all can line up and start shooting all your rounds
  • They think I'm so trash. It's ok, cut me down
  • I don't care. Cuz I'm strong
  • I can take it all day long
  • Rap is chess. I'm a pawn
  • Think I'm good? Well, you're wrong.
  • If you wanna tag along
  • If you wanna play along
  • Wanna challenge me? Good
  • Go ahead. Pistols drawn.

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