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  • Lyrics
  • If you're dealing war, backwards stay far
  • We're dealing with truths and rights
  • Come some more into my sight
  • Yeah, in London talkin' to Rhetorik 'bout my life and shit
  • I thought the album was finished but I keep writing shit
  • It's kind of funny how life changed and rearranged
  • No matter what happens, everything ain't gon' be the same
  • The incredible album, what an incredible outcome
  • I grip the mic and then talk to the people like I'm Malcolm
  • I used to think the fame and money was the motivation
  • Until I toured the world and met the people face to face and
  • Understood that the power was harnessed in that basement
  • It ain't about the money and notoriety
  • It's about the people and making a difference in society
  • But don't get it twisted, this life I'm living is like a movie
  • The Godfather, the Goodfella wielding an Uzi
  • One with the people, if the people is wondering who's he?
  • Same level, the same rebel that never settled
  • Pullin' strings like Geppeto who overcame the ghetto
  • And I know you wrote me and I still ain't answered
  • Cause shit is different now, it's forced upon me
  • Different stances
  • I used to spend all my time conversing with you
  • But now I write this song to let you know I'm hurting with you
  • Shit is too big, but let's be honest, man
  • It's kinda bittersweet, besides the shows and meet and greets y'all only see me on the street
  • And even then, that shit is rare—I just don't go outside
  • Cause honestly I don't fuck with this world, I'd rather hide
  • That misconception, "Cause I rap, I must be filled with pride"
  • Shit I ain't perfect, if you heard different then someone lied
  • People in my ear telling me, "Talk that shit"
  • Actions speak louder than words, I'd rather walk that shit
  • Since the first album
  • I'm one of the highest earners on the label
  • Within six months I put the second one on they table
  • I've played sold out shows in parts of the world I can't pronounce
  • Release the tickets, watch them disappear when we announce
  • Fuck all that murderous syllable shit right now
  • Just let me bounce
  • The mood around me is people smokin' that by the ounce
  • Leave Friday for the show and come back Monday with a hundred grand
  • Don't fuck with checks, so when I bounce I prefer cash in hand
  • You know my first week looking crazy due to high demand
  • Cause people don't buy music in this day and age
  • They buy the brand
  • There's ups and downs, don't get me wrong
  • But back when I ain't have shit
  • Felt like I would've sold my soul to make it with this rap shit
  • Thank God he never let Lucifer close enough to ask
  • Let me attain it by workin' hard and busting my ass
  • Achieved a lot in life, but what's a lot with more to gain?
  • At least I don't drink to avoid the hurt, we call that Champagne
  • Come some more into my sight
  • Come some more into my sight...


  • Hey CONCEPT, long time no see
  • It's been a while. I don't know if you remember me
  • You know, when you were three, I was goin' on a shooting spree
  • Killin' off your homies and murdering your family?
  • Now you remember. Keep it in your memory
  • Cuz when you die, there prolly be a documentary
  • About you. And how your stupid life was full of sensory
  • I treated you like a slave and broke you down mentally
  • It brings me joy to see you in pain
  • You were tryna make a name but no one listened to what you were sayin
  • All your memories, just store them in your brain
  • Cuz when you think back to them, you'll literally go insane.
  • I want to be there for your death
  • I want to be there so I can feel your children's stress
  • Cuz your life is like a game of chess
  • When you lose a part of it, you'll be crying in distress
  • You never had bars like Psycho Puppet
  • You'll never ever be like him before you kick the bucket
  • And 80HD too
  • Or any other rappers that I missed you know it's true
  • As I bring my speech to an end
  • Just remember that you had a couple friends
  • But not enough. So don't even pretend
  • Cuz you'll be the only rapper no one recommends.

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