Battles  DRnova vs Atheist-Christ


DRnova & Mach 5 Vs Atheist-Christ & GK-Trill (Battle Round 2) Must respond with a recording or Ai vocal Mix with a beat ! Have fun Homie

Max of 64 lines


DRnova won this battle!


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  • 0:08 (DRnova as Slim Shady Ai)
  • Now test his mic and make it so Magic..
  • Anytime A.C. see’s GK’s booty he stabs It..
  • Over and over again like a fruity sick type of horny Rabbit..
  • God damn it I can’t wait until the day God wipes all non believers off the Planet..
  • Starting with this low life scum bag son of a Bitch !
  • Named Criss the wackiest lyricist who thinks it’s cool to be a Atheist !
  • But it’s NOT..!!! Because there is no such thing as a real Atheist !
  • Bitch ! Because the minute your sinking in quick sand and are about to Die.
  • Will be the very minute your gonna ask God to save your Life and say Hi 👋
  • Make any kind of contact to prevent your trip to the Afterlife.
  • You know that place you have been preaching was all Fake..
  • Soon when your dead you will realize that was a huge Mistake..
  • (Now God Will Have 2 Choose Your Fate)
  • Looking dumb as shit in your twisted little Mind State..
  • MR.Atheist judgement can be Dangerous
  • Especially when you can’t walk around with fake Aliens 👽
  • God’s wrath can kill anything in a 6 Billion Mile Radius
  • It’s the lords world now and you're like an alien invading it
  • Very unbelievable to an brain of a atheist
  • I hope This med I for gets you so pissed
  • It makes you suck off Trill’s AIDS infected Dick
  • I believe that’s God’s Will for being so blasphemous with GK~Trill
  • Looking uncool sitting in a broke down Coupe Deville
  • Jealous as Shit cause I got a speed racer that’s about as fast as a Mach 5
  • DRnova can make you form tear drops from your Eye when I’m so chill with my killer Vibe when I drive By
  • I’m verbally Bulletproof and I’m such a Bad Guy for such a Good Guy
  • I really don’t know Why I keep doing this Shit
  • I so psychopathic when I use my god given Intellect
  • Like GK-Trill you said Mach 5 and I were Jerkmates
  • That’s so true that’s how I met you in the 1st place When we payed Atheist to tell us how a deadly dick will taste 👅
  • From a wannabe Mythical figure who thinks the kitty pool at your local Walmart is a Mystic River
  • Just because DRnova took a piss in It as a extra Filler
  • And he Also thinks my piss written on snow is like some kind of golden Scripture Forever a fool is life lived total outcome
  • Because GK-Trill is smart but also so Dumb..Cause I was the one who told him stuff a least 1000 bodies on the side of my Pillar.
  • Just to battle me on a higher power level
  • Yes it’s true I’m one guy you have to beat before you can battle the Devil
  • My flows are sicker then any type of Emcee Mike Killer
  • I’m a spotlight stealer when my feet hit the Stage
  • Your like Mr Atheist with a lot of fake gangster Rage 😤
  • I’m about to shut down another Necronomicon webpage
  • Don’t even try to burn any Sage Bitch cause that wouldn’t work
  • You ass would get Merc and Burned by your own stupidity
  • Like how you believe in goasts but no kind of Divinity
  • It makes no sense like your trash Bars
  • I thought this was gonna be a bloody battle like SARS
  • But you brought a weak cold not even close to Viral
  • DRnova is gonna beat you over your head with his Bible
  • I bet a Atheist getting killed by a holy book would make a Viral Vid
  • Getting more attention then the time the Pope axsindently dropped some Acid
  • Shit now I might go to hell after my fingers just type This 😩
  • So I best set up my upside down Crucifix and lite up this Bitch
  • Cause how the fuck even gonna go to Heaven when I’m on hades top ten list?
  • Moist under pressure cracking like a voice said GK-Trill
  • It’s so funny I see your girlfriend at the bar, she lookin nice is she on da pill?
  • It’s time to get cracking!


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  • You call yourself a man so proud but here you are just a coward clear
  • to a myth you bow in tears why when man made god outa fear
  • this that truth you ain’t down to hear but it gon pound ya ears
  • the hour is near time I make all this loud and clear
  • He say he gon get his sky daddy to fly at me
  • I tell a bitch to show evidence or die mad see
  • That’s why he hides behind an AI I might die laughing
  • That you’d even try rapping let alone come at me with shit that weak
  • that’s all you ever flex is empty threats let me guess
  • all that stops you from getting head from many men is hellish threats
  • Tempting flesh so why you think you slick sly dick riding Eminem
  • Change the AI to Ken Kannif remake it all you been a bitch
  • Get stomped like a mosh pit stop you like a clock tick
  • No more nonsense I knock you unconscious,
  • dropped like your heart gives clogged in them arteries
  • with your stick figure drawings you’re no artist.
  • you just a docs lab rat stuck in the maze running in place.
  • Don’t even want to escape from what you embrace
  • Nothing left to say when I’m interrupting you pray
  • with a gun that I aim making you run far away.
  • Oh your god can kill anything in a 6 Billion Mile Radius?
  • that’s the problem still your entire religion is dangerous
  • Yallqueda hicks domestic terrorists can all face the bricks
  • We lost the right to take a shit and call it sacredness
  • when we learned atomic hatefulness to bomb every place to bits
  • It don’t matter if it’s American or Canadian
  • every church killing children because they native skinned
  • Sunday school is child abuse itself teaching flaming pits
  • fabled myths ain’t for kids even without a preacher raping kids
  • God damn Bill Nye stood up and said it makes him sick
  • Now he claiming quick there’s no such thing as a dying atheist
  • just because you afraid that’s it afraid to die so you afraid to live
  • Your thoughts when you face the crypt just aren’t mine when I create to live
  • You pick pestilence for the wage of sin or evidence that we are what greatness is
  • Puff choke pass I roach that and burn yall slow ash
  • with the dope hash under domed glass
  • that’s smoke with class even if no one asked.
  • Looking for a team battle cause you need backup
  • Im the type to leap at ya make ya whole team back up.
  • God King and Atheist Christ just a mean bastard this a regime mastered
  • all you victim bitches can only scream at us go ahead and keep at it!

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