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  • It’s never ending
  • These books never close
  • Never I
  • Am misguided
  • In my own fucked up mind
  • I feed you all the bullshit
  • Never knowing what day it is
  • Start, No
  • Lose consciousness
  • Your mind goes blank
  • See what this does
  • You are in the dark
  • No spark
  • To ignite you
  • Fuck who they are
  • Shoot me down
  • Like everyday now
  • Look stupid
  • Feel the hate they give you
  • Get used to it
  • Take a hit
  • Watch time slip
  • Right from under you,
  • I would have stopped a long time ago
  • But you came in like an animal
  • So I have no choice
  • But to retaliate
  • Mental abusing you
  • Using up all your instrumentals
  • Still slow
  • Riding in neutral
  • No looking at me though
  • If you don’t like me
  • We don’t have to speak
  • Nowadays we play with puppets
  • Repeat offenders
  • We torture the weak
  • I hate r and b
  • It is just the bitch in me
  • She slips on everything
  • No plan b
  • Illmatic
  • There is no void in me
  • Exit only


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  • The funeral march of a marionette
  • A little boy unprepared for death
  • They start to weep, I fall asleep
  • I try to get up only to fall again
  • Funeral march of a marionette
  • I may not be at my very best
  • As y’all can tell I’m off to hell
  • To drown in tears of lost respect
  • Choirs singin, engulfed in flames
  • Chimes are ringin in Notre Dame
  • Daggers pierce through my heart
  • And tear it apart
  • As all that I love floats away
  • On a river but where the’s depth?
  • Look down and here lies a marionette
  • That lived in vain and withered away
  • Dyin in pain, they buried em
  • Smoke envelopin every room
  • Just distracts from impendin doom
  • Undertakers see checks and lay me to rest
  • Kickin up the dirt in the venue
  • Have I even been cherished yet?
  • Do they remember the marionette?
  • To catch their eye with memories gone by
  • Would just reach those who care to check
  • Now I’m slippin away
  • Slippin into the fray
  • Still make minimum wage
  • As the picture turns grey
  • Why convince me to stay?
  • Unsure if I’d escape
  • Goodnight

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