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  • I'm coming at you with this real track
  • you shouldn't even fight back
  • grab a knife and shank you real quickly
  • think you can rap don't even try to trick me
  • before you write your rap you might want to think ahead
  • you got no brain in that lego brick looking ass head
  • your haircut got you looking like prisoner 001
  • once i finish this rap you gonna be done
  • can't evn play soccer you so bad
  • your parents divorce is gonna make you sad
  • you have no brain your fucking dumb
  • all you do is eat your friends cum


  • Jesus christ, who took a shit in your cereal?
  • I killed plenty of challengers like i'm fucking serial
  • Lyrics fucking blowing up yo tiny ass mind,
  • You made 2 raps, and if i gave 2 craps, i'd prolly go blind
  • Your bars are piss weak, and you mentioning my haircut?
  • I may look like a bare nut, but i'm kicking your fucking bare butt
  • You only would make a living off written lyrics,
  • cos your lisp and your lip got people screaming in hysterics
  • Like your got a failed botox, cos you got no cocks
  • And your ego, too big for you, you can't fit into 2 socks
  • Scott Malkinson is that you? You just lacking the diabetes
  • I'm the dumb one? Looks like you writing with the eyes of Lil Stevie's
  • Stevie Wonder? The blind guy! Have you had an education?
  • Or have been spending all your time on your fucking Playstation
  • You talk shit, your spellings trash, like you pulled it out your ass
  • And its kinda sad, your rhymes are bad, and i know you feeling glad
  • That you have some lyrics, even though they auto generated,
  • And i now i know why the fuck your parents separated
  • Cos of your failure ridden, muthafuckin existence
  • And you know it too, tearing down your mental resistance

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