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No offensive slurs like the n word or the b word, no cussing, no relatives included in any way.

Max of 18 lines


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  • you say I can't rap but you got no chance
  • you claim to have a lover, but that was fake romance
  • you are like a Bernard and I am like a Justin Beiber
  • and I always clean my teeth, you have big teeth just like a beaver
  • you need a new look, it doesn't help people wanna go around you
  • you need to hush up, and have you mouth covered in glue


  • Uh, just like all the old times
  • Chillin like a villain, while bustin out some old rhymes
  • Behind bars? Nah i spit em mostly
  • But my lyrical imbalance makes me a little ghostly
  • But lowkey, put some lead inside the pope
  • He definitely holy, he got sick mentally,
  • He chokin on the rope,
  • jokes on you bitch, Pulling out a mac-10
  • You acting oblivious, like im speaking latin
  • In case you didn't notice i got no pattern
  • In a steamroller, over your ego, gettin flatten
  • Can i be honest i ain't a diss king
  • But you can be sure i'll be pissing
  • On your grave, break in your crib,
  • Bitch beginnin to rave,
  • She on her knees, she becomin a slave
  • To my demonic sensation, causin aggravation
  • Think you got money? You can't even afford a Playstation

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