Battles  YoungJosh vs Violet_


No rules!

Max of 32 lines


Violet_ won this battle!


This rap was deleted.


  • Take a shit on my high horse. I could make a hit, that’s what you’d die for.
  • I already won, so why brawl. Just take the hint that you’ll be erased like the times before.
  • You only won one battle, raps like a dumb cattle. You came from the tree where I picked the apple
  • “I fricked your mom” type of lyrics. You be known for capping so stop your gimmicks.
  • Bomb you with molotovs, knock your socks off like a flirt. I’ll keep you alive, just so it hurts.
  • Leave you on a sinking ship, the voyage of despair. Won’t be spared like a 2 roll frame, a pair.
  • Take a deep breath, before you’re slain. You a boy but act like a bitch, mask off like Killbane
  • Battle you to your death, which ain’t long left. Smoking crack and meth, getting to your head.
  • I must make sure you’re dead, make sure you’re gone. Having a nerd-looking ass, briefcase mong.
  • I’ll deface any daft twat who think they sick. V I leave you on the I V, like the Roman four
  • The revenge of a roman warrior that leaves a linger of bad omen as I sever your abdomen.
  • Rip off three fingers, eat ‘em like a cannibal. Iconic, Stonehenge, vicious like a rabid animal
  • Round 3 of the battles and you still haven’t gave up. Faker than a full face of makeup.
  • You’re less important than Benzino’s mics. Fuck the sauce, it’ll fuck you twice.
  • “I got 2 wins” and 1 was a DQ. I see you trying with me but you’ll be in I C U.
  • Young Josh, the guy who thinks he’s Young Buck. You more like Yung Gravy, so good luck.
  • How do you think you’re a mad battler with a rate like that? Something ain’t right, that’s fact.
  • A man that has less rights than women, what the fuck? Stop your grinning before I get killing
  • Virgin, you think porn is vile. You act like you from 8 Mile and get sick from a nude file.
  • Ever fucked a bitch? Thought not. Fucking idiot, I’ll stomp on your throat box and won’t stop.
  • You really wanna try assassinate me? okay Oswald. Account be shrinking like when your cock’s cold
  • Only you could perform a format glitch and still lose to me. Out of all the battlers, you choose me
  • Under the sun is a silly bum from the U.S, I’d say “Let’s do this” but you need to rest.
  • No amount of rounds will prove your worth. You’ll be the next kid banned, like Durv.
  • G, you ain’t got nothing on me. I’ll have you receding like the hairline of Bill Cosby.
  • Juice be running out, you need a refill. Or you’ll be killed like Drake did Meek Mill.
  • Oh, so you won’t give up? I’ll see how far you get. You’re more useless than toilet paper when wet.
  • Shut up with your weak punches, taekwondo toddler. Scared of straight porn, closeted cock-gobbler
  • Have you tried prioritising punchlines over rhymes? I’ll spray with more than just a Tec-9
  • Death in the lobby, and he ain’t coming for me. So eager for sex, you’ll be cumming for free
  • I got the toolkit to fool pricks, you need to ease up like Ru Spits. If I go too hard, you’ll quit.
  • End of discussion, I’m busting the lines like 5-0. It’s only me who has the hype grow, now die hoe.

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