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  • You a young 'en in this game, only on level 3. The big kids like us already clocked it you see?
  • Only the big guns can shoot through my shit like my boys PsychoPuppet and big Maverick.
  • Understand that you ain't the best, you ain't top. I'm a juggernaut, like it or not.
  • No throwing rocks if you live in a crackhouse. Your mum burning the pipe, I see the saying now.
  • Go play, Lil Tay, or you may pay the price as I slay. Only a few beat me like Mav, Psycho and Khay.
  • Joshy, this battle is fair, wishy washy. You a Caramac, I'm M&M mixed with a Ferrero Rocher.
  • Only you can cancel a battle and change your lines like a junkie going from heroin to cocaine.
  • Shut your silly little mouth before you get slain. I can see through your bars like a window pane
  • How can one man get carried by so many people on their own song? Explain that, don't make it long
  • Fuck any guy who stepped to Vi, I take your brain and dissect the part controlling your lies.
  • Up in the ranks like Big L and 2Pac. Big with the juicy lyrics and loaded macs.
  • Collab? You got the lines? I never agreed. Forcing me to collab like who the fuck you be?
  • Kill you with a golf club. Throw a carcass in your casket, that's the only time you'll blow up.
  • Your dead body be all over the streets like Lil Baby. You love dressing like a lady, it's crazy.
  • Old Josh wanna battle the bonkers bitch, big blunder. Fuck 6ft, I'll bury you 10m under.
  • Unique rappers have a chance to step to me. You're like everyone else so get back to B E D
  • Dirty meth-breath who watches incest for less cents than gibberish. Less liked than licorice.
  • There's a difference between being sick and choking. You choke the battle, you must be smoking.
  • Cancelled the battle at least 5 times to change your verse. Actin' like I'll be in a hearse.
  • You got BRKN lyrics, and that's coming from the girl herself. Should be worried for your health.
  • You put on a persona like you're notdead. You're McRuthless and that motherfucker's inbred.
  • More inbred than wheat while you take your dad's meat. You be licking the stains off the bedsheets.
  • That's disgusting and you actually do it. There's some rips embedded in your genes, call them slits
  • Like I said to Tworaww, rhymes don't mean sick disses. But I guess that's what the snake hisses.
  • I'll take your mrs and finish my business. I'm relentless with a lot of energy to mess shit.
  • Come battle me when you make a collab with Mav. Before you challenge me, I actually have.
  • Me, Mav and Malcolm murdering many mics. Wait a bit of time and you'll see I don't spread lies.
  • If you see Khay, tell him I said hey. You be eatin' outta my hand like horses with hay.
  • I blow the doors off like Jim Morrisons' wife. You got lines like "I'm high like a kite", alright.
  • You wanksta, even Ja Rule was more real than you. He never slung crack but never did you.
  • I kill 'em with linen, place your bidding. You gotta wear the footwear if the shoe's fitting.
  • You a softie pop-tart looking ass ho. Wanking your bro for a smoke and a poke in the hole, just no.
  • Don't carry large arms with such little arms or you get bombed like Nagasaki and Napalm.
  • Demolish motherfuckers like donner meat, don't make me destroy man like a USB in an Xbox 360.
  • Your lyrics are so detached and jumbled, it'd be better if you just wrote about drugs and mumbled.
  • You do less damage than Lil_Queue with a corkscrew. The fuck do you do with the lines you spew?
  • Persistently fucking your sister behind her mister's back. Slit his throat and make his blood black
  • You ain't got the rhymes of V I X L E T I see, don't step to me if you wanna L I V E.
  • You're a wannabe Vixlet, that's sad to see. You got balls to step to the podium but can't beat me.
  • Beware! I'll break ya neck when I busta rhyme. I fuck bright and early, Trusc me you daft guy.
  • I spit radiation, fuck a hazmat suit. When your career died from my lines, I'mma laugh at you!
  • Why try be Rambo with empty mags? What's the point of M60s when they're handled by silly fags?
  • I'm just a shady figure like Noob Saibot. My bars are colder than Sub-Zero eating a fucking ice pop
  • Have your body broken with the shotty smoking as I'm shitting on your stolen colon.
  • Have your face swollen and blacker than onyx paint. When he dies, I'll spray my name on his grave.
  • Fuck being rich and blind, I ain't Stevie Wonder. Bitch, I'm a fucking goddess as I strike thunder.
  • Now go cry under your cover as I blow your mother with the M1911 outta my matte black holster.
  • We're contrasting like Guns & Roses as I keep your career hidden like young Adonis, I promise.
  • I take the piss like a drugs T E S T, let's see if you can beat me without Psycho on your S O N G.
  • Don't wanna test me, I'll put you to rest G. I also left condoms on your bird's babyseat.
  • We had the fun but now we serious. I'll murder you as many times until you decide to hear this.
  • "You ain't a mic murdering maniac" now miss me with the weak shit you stated. No wonder you hated
  • Rip you limb from limb until you look like a vegetable. I could easily change you like a variable.
  • I have other things to waste time on, like DEADMEAT. You can't get a hard on, call it dead meat.
  • I'll open carry like it's legal, I'm in Arkansas. Now everyone stand 2m back while I mark his jaw.
  • You too raw to beat me, dirty whore. Get the red spot on you like a dirty ass cold sore.
  • Disgusting Joshy boy wanna try murder the immortal, I could still beat you if I spoke formal
  • On God, GYNX must've wrote your lines. No way that shit be yours when it's worse than GYNX's rhymes
  • Never try prolong the inevitable, that's an unwritten rule. You got smoker cough and you only juul.
  • Take all your stones, they must've looked at Medusa. This is like bringing a knife to a bazooka.
  • Sticking your jack-in-the-box, I'll be popping out. I'll drop a Tsar Bomba on his house.
  • You're a cock what'll get locked up like chastity. You tried to erase an eternal entity.
  • Big mistake, you ain't that great. You got too much on your plate, now try demolish it mate.
  • Anyway, I'mma go reply to DEADMEAT and do my verse for Mav. Must be daft, it's the W that I have

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