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This rap was deleted.


  • You must have Munchausen's syndrome, you actin' like you sick when you not. Get back in your slot.
  • I was in hysterics when I saw your bars, that shit had me dying. You actin like you ill, stop lying
  • The features murdered you on your own track. They carried you to the light, lemme carry you back.
  • You couldn't make a track solo and make it big. That's a bit sad but hey, you're just a kid.
  • You're only 13 so don't try murk me. I'll do you dirty because everyone knows I'm the verse queen
  • Couldn't make a girl blow you if you severed her head. Couldn't fuck a girl if you bashed her dead
  • Get back to the pad and write some suspenseful verses. I'm that evil, I've cursed several churches.
  • All you did was swear at them, that's cursing at them. I left a linger that takes more than fingers
  • I don't need to go all out to prove I'm superior. I can just splatter you across your interior.
  • I'm not 𝗹𝗢𝗸𝗲 a poet, I 𝗔𝗠 a poet. I'm like Poe at his best and you don't even fucking know it
  • Maybe if I come at you with basic lines, you might beat easy. But winning to me isn't that easy.
  • I murder bitches when I want, go look at my "Killshot". I spilled the pot and bitch hasn't talked.
  • I ain't takin' a Big L, these are Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous. I don't think you hear us.
  • I think outta the box like an opened package. You're average who don't do damage with your language
  • You're garbage, I could divorce your head from your dick like a failing marriage, daft cabbage.
  • Getting hung while I lynch you like brotha, don't try me. I'll murder you if you try ride with me.
  • I'll kill again, don't say I ain't warn you. You had a death wish from birth, I shoulda aborted you

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