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  • All these backstabbing fags i blast em back to the past
  • Nigga fuck your role model bitch, i'm my own idol and
  • When those trash bags middle initial was loyalty compare to yal backstabbing bitches.
  • Then im off by the morning i dont no these hoes im just another recordin this
  • Her own family and those backstabbing bitches
  • That you can't fit inside a jansport, go to school with this
  • Backstabbing ass i left you in the past, back there in the chest lock and pad man,
  • Like twenty-five to life never crossed they mindtell me young nigga never learned a thang


  • You come to town once every so often,
  • To visit the family miles a-near
  • Occasionally invite to coffee,
  • At the café for brunch while you're here
  • This time for a relic showing at Church,
  • Kindly offering me a ride as well
  • Respectfully declined to see the merch,
  • Now I'm apparently going to Hell.
  • My refusal somehow offended you,
  • It could've been so simple to go on
  • Devilish assumptions led as untrue,
  • Warped sense of reality; who's is gone?
  • I don't attend Mass either? God forbid,
  • Convinced fake by Satan's cunning whispers
  • He hates Jesus for everything he did,
  • Ignorance never felt so damned blissful;
  • Ironically seem quite agitated
  • "This made me very sad," "You're self-centered"
  • At least I found my center, elated!
  • Not falling for a narcissist's pressure
  • "So forget the café in the morning"
  • ...Like I'm not an adult with my own cash
  • ...Like I'll be upset of you not going
  • You resulted to insulting me rash!
  • "You're a useless soul of hopeless repent"
  • "I used to think highly of you, no more"
  • "I really admire the ones that went"
  • So Christian to shame others for the Lord...
  • 'Til I told you how it is, unanswered:
  • "Tell me guilt-tripping's not the Devil's work."

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