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Written with instrumental. Play with your food.

Max of 16 lines


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  • Living life like high tide might swipe my sight right by nightfall
  • Fight the bright ball to be insightful, I run Icarus calls
  • Stick to your jaw, before it becomes ball
  • And I send you home running through the thick of it all
  • Pick up the pace, or get lost in the sauce
  • in the salt, in asphalt, ain't his fault, shake it off
  • You say you fucking life, you only coming false
  • Homely body, been frank with money on the walls
  • honey with no pause, effects without a cause
  • gold around my birdie, extra shine shooting stars
  • never itching, i'm precise when i pull up bars
  • Nothing's lucky or even if you knew the odds
  • Truth a saw, cut to the point or lose your eye
  • No one believes in you if you don't utilize
  • Grow what's planted, expanding where your hand resides
  • Or stay linear, tend to your ego in suicide


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  • I'm Mighty Thor, you should lie more, seeing your open challenge was an eye sore
  • Eye sore? Ironic the sight of... stick a fork in it, I'm giving each of ya sockets a shiner
  • What's your body count? I'd guess none, not even with sex stuff, you a savage coming for my head? Sus.
  • I've... battle etiquette, the day you think outside the box will be the day your level's graduate
  • ... Kid still swallows toys, the Jenga's patented, he builds ass verses they gas! but they fall destroyed ...
  • so his LEGOs? Flatulent... Shit bricks, if you disheveled I'll add to it then
  • I can diss you straight or in poetic ways, but i don't settle at it Devil's advocate;
  • I'm an influential catalyst, am I competing or trolling? either or he'll be retreating or folding
  • get curved like girls swerve ya when the seatbelt not holding
  • think you beatin' this wolf? what ya need is Colgate, tryna intimidate
  • with those teeth that ya showing, I'll straight up eat you alive slowly,
  • biggest thing you fought for in terms of food was trying not to have pizza on whole wheat
  • Think I'm washed up? when you smell like hogwash cologne,
  • Matter of fact I'm back to hogging the throne with the monologue of Stallone
  • found myself toggling clones... X marks the spot, one's trash is another's treasure
  • And you the type to cop Balenciaga, with a loan.

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