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No diss no recording no hook

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  • Been a minute since i spitted anythin significant
  • Picture my words in fucked up predicaments
  • Drugs and other shit
  • Even my mother did
  • Father as well
  • Used to have heroin to sell lookin out for twelve
  • But thats the past now im here to rap
  • So others know the story
  • Learn how others did before me
  • And learn from it scholarly used to burn pot with seeds
  • At 16 now i spit 16s no whips clean
  • My history been dirty almost 30
  • Now im maturing
  • Im tryin to earn this thing
  • Called life music is hyped when i write
  • Handed right understand my plight
  • But anyway i wanna burn haze lock the door today
  • Im afraid yet engaged opposite of confidence
  • But im gonna accomplish shit within each day
  • I dont need praise just faith
  • Glow like sun rays when i get cake
  • Not Tryin to get burnt in any way
  • Killin snakes grass ankle length
  • Shakem away dont catch a case
  • Im just a basket case with the handle snapped
  • Tryin to handle that
  • Mentally im just tryin to have people remember me


  • You're too scared to open up your lyrics
  • I set the bricks and i get them all the lyrics
  • I'm an open book kids come holla at me with your critics
  • when i spit it them hoes keep their mouth zipped
  • your mama wish that condom wasn't flipped
  • you are a mistake homie mistakes aint matter
  • But looking at you man all i see is a disaster
  • Calling yourself a rapper but your lyrics are cancer
  • I'm your master take your time to answer
  • I'm the new gangster and this is my chapter ..
  • P.S i aint a native speaker don't mind the grammar.

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