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  • Hoes think they big and bitch bitch you aint savage
  • when i look down at you I think damn what a sad bitch.
  • You aint no better than me you a disgrace
  • we aint even racing but i still take first place
  • Run up lil bitch I guess unless you scared
  • she gonna slap Vernie? And watch me drag that bitch
  • Run up lil bitch I guess unless you scared (bitch!)
  • Square up hoe throw some hands if you about yo game
  • Make it national hall of fame.
  • I'm going viral and you Bitches still lame
  • You a op snitching like the feds
  • You spread them lies like you spread them legs
  • Run up bitch unless you scared.
  • Seen me hop outta the Porsche like "Bitch I'm scared?"
  • (Nope!)
  • It ain't that easy to talk all that shit when you see me pulling up
  • Outside to house
  • You and yo Bitches wanna come running out
  • grab my pistol make all you hoes walk it out (You ain't a savage)
  • Hoes think they big and bad bitch you just his side chick
  • How you gon flex with somebody else shit
  • You ain't fooling nobody bitch we know u lying
  • We looking for yo ass and now you hiding
  • hoes think they big and bad bitch you ain't savage
  • when I look at you down all I see is a sad bitch stuck on average.


  • Wake up to reality bloody tough world we in our race stops to multiply
  • our cloudy days and sunny skies it took one man's demise to flip
  • over a new reality fought for our immortality floating on top like anti-gravity.
  • stay mad killing people every day (pause) stay sad keep taking our freedom away.
  • try to but i cant move this is abuse it may hurt but its the truth
  • taking away child youth i remember when men where not acting like girls too
  • i know you might get mad this is for you but at least i aint marching ha lgbtq
  • my opinion is that nothing matters at all but your life and how your living it
  • we seperated due to discrimination caused frustration total redemption lives souls
  • been through enough already like mrs hammer said im tired of being tired.

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