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Battle on September 15 2021


This rap was deleted.


  • All you rich rappers don't got the it factor
  • So I drag em in the gutter by the tens and kidnap em
  • Lit candles, eyes red, watch my head spin backwards
  • Summon ten phantoms to spill blood and lick plasma
  • Writing songs that you bitches shouldn't try at home
  • Find a rope, tie this hoe down then ignite the stove
  • Extraterrestrial inside your home with giant probes
  • It's Mars Attack when you hear the track, make your mind explode
  • Antagonist, on a roof in Manhattan with a group of pacifists
  • Got em splattering like the happening
  • Abduct family, you wonder where your damn granny went
  • I turned her ass into lunch meat to pack sandwiches
  • The beatings a hitchhiker going wherever the rhyme take it
  • Ride painted black with a mirror on the side hanging
  • Violating, cussing out deaf people in sign language
  • Middle finger high waving, got the whole vibe changing
  • The big dog from the sandlot is back
  • You a copycat, blue stripes on your hockey mask
  • This the authentic, arsenic, hard hitting, car flipping raw lyric
  • Hot enough to thaw chicken
  • You're burnt to a crisp like a perm when it itch
  • I puncture the ribs, then I turn and I twist
  • The Earth couldn't prevent the return of the Sith
  • I'm a pimp, I don't gotta use the Force on a bitch
  • When my skeet spray the freak think I'm Spider-Man
  • Giant web, eat it like pre-natal vitamins
  • Lie to fans, I'll be right back- let me find a pen
  • Autographs not happening cause I'm high as shit

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