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Battle bars dissin for funsies instrumental optional i got 32 lines gl

Max of 32 lines


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  • I'm like a mass shooter to ya grass roots, I take the roads less traveled yea the grass routes,
  • I'm the classic they root for and you up for the task, cute
  • How you tryna lambast when you done gave me a massive salute
  • So your own claims you better be an iconoclast to dispute
  • But the average human attention span isn't very elastic to compute
  • For 40 bars? My money's on you bein long-winded like a brass flute
  • If lyrically this was a jazz commute? Then I'm the Goldman Sax
  • and I broke the bank like a snowplough but if you think this a game I still knock you out cold for a fast loot !!
  • Wordplay got it mastered, my strong-suit down to the hazmat boots
  • You an ass toot, intolerant to grasp my glutes, gassed up cuz I'm passed astute
  • You'd give neck to every rod, my shit is nectar of the Gods cuz I outclass fruits
  • You talk holding poles you bombastic and I'm puttin' you on blast like Beirut
  • Forget your dialogue tropes, my bars force concentration like the Gulag, get the Pope
  • But Jesus smoking Nate Dogg's dope, relying on him may fog hope
  • Make you drink outdated eggnog to cope 'fore you get caught in 4K to log off and mope, nope
  • You gettin' washed don't be afraid to hog the soap
  • Might turn ya to a Pepe The Frog meme, they'll say "Pog" the way I'm yankin' on ya dog rope,
  • But what won't go astray ? is how I'mma put you down with this Acog scope.
  • To give that noggin some rest, who's floggin' a mess when it comes to this contest,
  • Unorganized thoughts are what says, you're groggy – Should take a cognitive test.
  • Yea yea yea what you sayin', don't mean jack, what's ya plan, where's it lack?
  • I get the edge off tryna' slight you, this one instance I'm behind you, just to push you off it, bye dude
  • I'm the man, built a coffin made of haiku's, understand, got a sleight of hand I write you, I'm a maestro
  • This non-GOAT rando' wants his throat gland sewed, and I have to admit it
  • I reviewed his..baffling writtens, half of it's shit, and the other half looks bitten
  • That's just suspicious, it's either neatly penned or completely bent
  • If I meet who treats to lend you sweet bars then it's Hellfire, like having treats on Lent
  • What you say is a repeat of my previous defender's deets they contended,
  • Uneasy to defeat me hence my seat's Clark Kent's,
  • My shits concrete and cemented, harder than me? That's hard because I'm ardently demented
  • Get smothered further, like ya mother's nurture with another Gerber
  • Cuz you feeding us consumers the same thing with your mf 'nothing burger'


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  • Hey Maverick, it's me. let's thread this needle n bend their ears a bit.
  • Got MMM's master key, It's illegal but I'll ascend n mutineer that shit.
  • You'll see when I conduct a hit like Symphony by Clean Bandit.
  • Stress free, I fuck n get my dick cleaned by Anya from Queen's Gambit.
  • I'm honing my skill but, I've been awoke and will
  • embark on an epic trek to kill til GK-Trill sends me a check to fill.
  • I'll hit ya like Tonya Harding not Jack and Rose in that Coupe de Ville..
  • A light in the dark, igniting my spark to roast ya, that's the thrill
  • Got a glass of brandy distilled, fermented and chilled; I'm classy
  • My Hennessy's still, I'm flashy n present the skill to kill like Lackey
  • Eyes glassy but my modus operandi will leave ya in disbelief
  • I'm savvy and focused, your obit's handy and no one will grieve
  • Send me a fee, I focus n Hocus Pocus to get it for free
  • I befriend the green, your shit's bogus and you'll flee the scene and plea
  • The work I bring is a magnum opus. Lyrically I'm the seed of Da Vinci
  • Fuck thee. Your girl's gonna notice me and cause a fucking scene
  • Instructed a lesson here, symbiosis between the words and beats
  • I've been inducted, no discretion, so turn on me and you'll be
  • cast down n condemned; trialed n eviscerated, that's part of the lesson.
  • You're passed out in the end, while I'm consecrated; got a ticket to heaven.
  • Don't mess. It's eleven. I'm sated. Put down your pen, you're outdated.
  • I'm assessin' my weapon and blazin; clack, pow; then you're wasted
  • Assured, you're contendin with satan tonight.
  • Obscured after you end in fright; pen stuck in your eye, I hide in plain sight..
  • If you're awake n alive, you'll feel the bite; I've got the advantage
  • Your fever will break n drive to an ideal 108; right to brain damage
  • Won't be able to manage this hate, It's too great, you'll be crushed under the weight
  • You're a display of decay, you'll be erased, flushed and drained away.
  • All this to say, you should be afraid of the grave.
  • Thrown away.. while we celebrate, you'd feel death's embrace
  • Anyway, you'll degenerate n I'll accelerate til I annihilate
  • So, this way, past the gates; Acognito knows the way

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