Battles  Jamal-Kacey-Ken vs Acognito


Nigga I will fuck you up if you talk about her you sick fuck. I'm a better rapper than you nigga hahaha.

Max of 12 lines


Acognito won this battle!


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  • Yo I will fuck ya ass up if you talk shit about me or her
  • I heard you talking shit now I'mm bout to go fucking hurt
  • You a terrible ass rapper nigga this ain't the 90s
  • Get with the times in real life you to pussy to fight me
  • You got no bitch because you in a relationship with ya own dick
  • I hope your having fun with it now fuck out of my face bitch
  • We laughing at you because you got nobody to laugh with you
  • Now I'm about to smoke some weed I'm fucking done


  • This lil "musician" said his girl was off-limits.
  • She the one givin head, that just ain't how she spins it.
  • One and done, now she dead, pretty good though I admit.
  • Got my gun to your head; pull the hammer back *click*.
  • Now you're swingin from the ceiling, go ahead, try to kick.
  • Hope your friends have fun laughing; I'll find em with the stick.
  • Break their doors in; tongue lashin; my thoughts are gettin sick.
  • Better get back to class before I end em all, quick.

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