Battles  Acognito vs Lil_Skitil


written, instrumentals if you want em

Max of 16 lines


Acognito won this battle!


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  • About to step on ya dick, just so ya know
  • Acognito came to kick your ass, on the flow
  • Pick you up with ya hoe, and pass her the snow
  • Cuz she knows I'm the goat so get this show on the road
  • Shove my fist down your throat, real slow, while you choke
  • Fuck this bitch so hard she taste the ... whoa
  • Good luck, I'm in the paint gettin dough
  • You can brownnose but I'll still fuckin hit ya with the pole
  • Toe to toe we rattle but I got the ammo
  • for a full-fledge battle, Acognito got the deathblow
  • Ask BloodB.. he knows..
  • Yo, I'm a cyclone in my motherfuckin zone
  • Pile up the bodies by my throne, won't atone
  • Won't let up til I make sure you're dead, buried alone
  • Then fuck ya hoe, you're in the abyss while I get blown.
  • I'll rap on ya grave n piss on your headstone


  • Rapping against me is setting off a bomb
  • If you didn't know I slept with your mom
  • Don't come near me, your near destruction
  • Your so poor you probably work at construction

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