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If anyone wants to get fucked up be my guest.

Max of 10 lines


MTKYN_Manny won this battle!


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  • I will fuck any nigga up who wants to battle
  • Ain't none of you niggas shining you stuck in my shadow
  • They say I'm shallow when it comes to these hoes
  • I tell niggas my game is up there yours is low
  • And if you try hitting up the hoe I wanna know
  • I just hope some random ass person steps on ya toes
  • I would rather break ya nose now you need a nose job
  • Maybe a mouth job from all those dicks you been sucking through hose knobs


  • Your mom's gay she likes dudes and your girl will send you no nudes i'm
  • the type too beat your ass and then send you new shoes what the fuck
  • do you know about my life is like blues clues you messed up by telling me
  • but i have a heart oh who knew
  • no rap its no cap this is my new disstrack all facts i don't speak too rats
  • but i know one who runs track if you want some hood blacks Then i'd like
  • too see you make racks you're probably saying he hacks but i only go
  • tit for tat your breath stinks you need a tic tac by the way this is my new
  • disstrack

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