Battles  PoetFistX vs Dagger


This is a poet rhyming facts and roast recording battle. Whoever has the best rhymes and punches win.

Max of 18 lines


Dagger won this battle!


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  • I think I'm a man who is tired and wants money for his rhymes
  • I ain't even got ten cents but you babe you look like a dime
  • I think I'm the hardest poet since Shakespeare in his prime
  • If you be a good girl and serve my needs I will make you mine
  • I'm surprised these chumps on here haven't given you the compliments
  • It's either they lack the confidence fear consequence or incompetent
  • I think they just look at you like eye candy and nothing more
  • If my lines don't get you wet there's no need to mop the floors
  • Whores adore these gory metaphors straight to the core
  • All you'll have in store is when I come inside and lock your door
  • I think I'm better than all so call me narcissistic
  • I just have pride and am not afraid to hide it consistent
  • I think I'm better off on the top
  • You fools don't rival my skills I'm top-notch
  • My grammar is on point like my pen is on point
  • All these idiotic rappers are destroyed


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  • I think I'm worth more than a dime I'm talking millions
  • Your not half the poet I am with rhymes I'm talking trillions
  • I think your gimmick is a mimic it lacks facts it's all fiction
  • The false ambition you lost 5 rounds you are not competition
  • I think your gonna lose again for the sixth time
  • Talk about screwing me but I screwed you this dicks mine
  • I think I took your pride along with your dick and your dignity
  • I look better physically with the rhyming ability
  • I think you have been here long enough to have that utility
  • You are overshadowed by the ones you battled oh the humility,
  • I think I have to rhyme laps around you to jug peoples memories
  • Of your irrelevant ass, the one nobody remembers, please
  • How are you gonna be here this long and have that low of a rep?
  • I just started and way ahead of you with a load of the sets
  • I think you're trying to leech off my success yeah go figure
  • It sounds like you are more feminine than me you a gold digger
  • I'm not wet or impressed by that flaccid pen you hold shameless
  • So I'll lend you mine and you can shove it in your whole anus

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