Battles  80HD vs 10-71


Spazz harder than Michael Fox with Parkinson's

Max of 62 lines


80HD won this battle!


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Battle on September 19 2021


  • It's a sin to fall, face it bro
  • 10-71 would be your win to loss ratio
  • Out of a hundred, since you crossed 80 bro
  • I'll go mince an chop ya baby bones
  • Like a crazy chef a sort of scampi
  • Is your remains in the corner prancing
  • Around aimlessly like the shit Gordon Ramsay
  • Aborts and can't be food, overeat watch
  • We was cool till your ovaries dropped
  • Started climbing on my wall like a slow disease plot
  • In a Zombie movie, count the odds
  • You said you was a battle God
  • But the talents not there
  • A fracture, nah, hair is a major win
  • You prick really got my patience gettin
  • Paper thin like a school T P
  • How'd you like winin against Si-Si
  • Believe me I can't brag I've been pee-wee
  • Just like you but see we
  • Know how to pull back on the bleep bleep
  • Don't cup your nuts
  • If you don't know what's to come
  • Or what the fuck is up
  • Talking bout shooting....bump the trunk
  • What's in the Fuckin Crack
  • Enough to bash you in the head
  • Well here's priceful advice, it's stacked as fuck, scars
  • Are cause I wouldn't rhyme if I couldn't back it up hard
  • So be modest and pick your claim as a fucktard
  • I'm comin at you head first, nose dive
  • Thinking you so fly, I don't know why
  • Your mess murked you, go die
  • Yes I asked to battle but bro why
  • You gotta go side and troll my
  • Own time I'm not really impacted
  • Since you got silly Dystracted
  • Be honest you got the hot sittings with
  • Moms getting a sack tip
  • Got a mini but massive boner when you see a milf
  • And you pee a lil
  • More pissy pfft than G K-Trill
  • Or R Kelly with a dick inside
  • A lifted ride down missing guys
  • But tell me how the fuck you get beat by a Prezzy Glliepie


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  • Ayo, 10-71!
  • Here's what they think about you... "And you on pac and biggie's dick"
  • Here's what they think about you... "You ain't good bro, you only subpar"
  • Here's what they think about you... "Emo lyrics that just make us laugh at you"
  • Here's what they think about you... "I think you mean 9-60"
  • Fuck all ya'll
  • God damn I'm glad ya'll set it off
  • Think you so hard, but I see right through you, wit cha lip gloss
  • In a relationship, you'd let the bitch be the boss
  • You say you're gonna be a top dog, but fuckin' with me leave you wrapped up in gauze
  • Cause boy, you shoulda stuck to Tick-Tock
  • Drugs? You outta stay off that stuff. Why? Cause clearly you ain't learned enough
  • Ya don't know structure fucker, somebody forgot rubber befo they when up in her
  • Ishtalker only know rap modern, which that shit is cat litter
  • Rockin' shit that's rotten
  • My favorite historical figures are Stalin n Bin Laden, cause at least they could play captain
  • Came from nothin', n 80HD came from somethin', n they became somethin', 80HD became nothin'
  • Aye, n the laughs part of my craft, so say it again
  • What? Ya'll forget about Eminem?
  • Destructive mixture couldn't quite paint a picture, makes you a trickster
  • Cause you don't study literature, you're ignorant sir, go study Edgar
  • Not to mention, hella immature, but opposite to the shady character
  • Proof? Yo, he's so scared be could barley spit five words
  • That battle with user, definitely proves you're a loser
  • "Hate life, cause I feel played"
  • Dumb bitch, that's straight from yo page, oh don't we feel down everyday
  • I chose you to instigate, n you actually chose to investigate
  • Ha, worse is you gotta huge temper, like a KKK member, which is why, till the day you die
  • You won't ever be a mentor
  • If he pulls the "more wins, 363 followers, 13000 views I'm better"
  • Than we know, he's as blind as Hellen Keller
  • You can tell with yo gay ass beats, boy you'll never run with thee elites
  • 80HD, fucked in the ass, no vaseline
  • So next stop, don't blast for me, pack yo khaki's n leave
  • Before you're family's gonna grieve
  • You contracted aids call him Magic J
  • Some say it's cause you're lyrics are gay,
  • Polices released a name
  • 10-71 wanted on account for rape
  • Didn't even pay no compensate, the fuck was on tha front page
  • "80HD done dilapidate"
  • With yo raps, nobody's eyes dilate
  • What's that mean
  • They're lame, n you've been sentenced to hang
  • I'm done, n this is the last diss I'll say
  • 80HD bought fame
  • 80HD bought fame
  • 80HD bought fame
  • So next time you see me D
  • Sit like a puppy well trained
  • Or complain'
  • Damn, I sure do love this hate
  • Next raps ain't gonna be disses
  • Bored of that shit
  • Fuck 80HD
  • N any muthafucka down with him, he's a prick. But I'ma better prick ya'll, haha

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