Battles  Khay vs Day_Dreamer


ZGW Round 2 8 lines max. 3 day battle. 16-24 syllables max. Good luck

Max of 8 lines


Khay won this battle!


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  • How am I supposed to battle someone who is stuck day dreaming?
  • I guess being a druggie and the fuck-up of the family has the same meaning
  • You cry and complain that you have no money cause you spent it on cocaine
  • Then wonder why your mama's leaving, and why your family's ashamed
  • You're thirteen and you're always talking about drugs and the cartel
  • And you are still wondering why your Momma's "goodbye" was not heartfelt
  • At the rate you are going, you will be dead by the age of eighteen
  • But looks like I did the deed for you, now goodnight and sweet dreams


  • Hey Khay, Happy birthday
  • You say you're 18 but whine on discord like you're in the first grade
  • I saw you changed your name, not alive ?
  • Is that because you predicted you were going to be crucified
  • I'm a drug addict but even Jesus turned water into wine sometimes
  • No recorded raps on your profile, how long till feign drops ?
  • Are you gonna be depressed and cancel it because a girl refused to suck your cock ?
  • I may have went to far but I don't mean this bro, you should know that, I gotta go cause your girl is callin back

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