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45 Bars Audio Recording

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This battle ended in a tie.


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Battle on March 7 2021


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  • 0:08
  • Straight from the horses mouth... get the exclusive
  • Xclusive running afoul, mouthing about the blueprint
  • I'ma pause for a moment tie up some loose ends
  • Kid my style is the Matrix where the rules bend
  • Just like Jay, I will not lose, let me provide proof
  • Drop the dopest lines nutrient rich pure Peruvian
  • Exuberant juiciness B.I.G. alluded to
  • Flow pimp pin stripe tailored suits, sacred and beautiful
  • Further proof the rap game don't suit ya, just appearance
  • Style is clearance, spirit reduced to the steepest discount
  • By far and large I own the bars, Simone Biles with the dismount
  • This clown, don't know I'm otherworldly, God MC...
  • Society decided I'm a higher being only if you worthy
  • Allow me to idly lift your tired feet, words in Alicia Key's diary
  • describe an unholy legacy in entirety, go deep, blow trees
  • Ride a beat, don't believe in mercy, troll your family on how they handle grief
  • If you see me, perimeters breached, it ain't safe for you and ya peeps
  • Or anyone else you thought was a beast, punk bitches drudge up past beef
  • Candlelight vigils turned off in the streets, been done moved passed it
  • I'm a skilled craftsman... rap's Hugh Jackman, berserker rage platinum
  • Sound like beatin me was the best thing that ever happened
  • I'ma stop bullshittin and crappin... when I'm throwin the dice
  • Dump the disguise, pull out the knife, start rollin my eyes
  • Your style's used and got us confused like today's youth does
  • Xclusive, I done inherited the game from OG's and blue bloods...
  • Stop with the lies and excuses, can't stop evolution
  • Resistance is futile, throwing in the towel is your style
  • Meanwhile... stockpiling rappers on a freestyle
  • Harvey Dent armed with a pen, flipping a coin... seek and destroy
  • In a shootout, aim and stay poised, nuthin but duck huntin
  • You and ya boys stuntin, punchline rappers punched in the beak
  • Go ahead and front, take a moment to breathe... then hand you your teeth
  • Now where were we, your flow is weak just like your weed
  • Stop rhyming offbeat... at the very least, stop lying to me
  • Trying to flee, I smell fear, saw blood in the water, Jaws circling the pier
  • This B Tier, home of the demigods, you ain't got no reserved seat here


Attached media not accessible.

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  • I ain't wanna battle this fool again, The audience don't like sequel's
  • I mean after all you'll get the same result, Sorry that i spoiled it for you people
  • First scene shot down, as we see ishtalker become demoralized
  • He lost all faith within the first few lines, so him challenging me was Ill-advised
  • I ain't tryna make this boring, but i happen to kill to pass the time
  • Thats what happens when you bodybag someone for a second time
  • I May be the fat guy but he's the one getting exercised
  • Despite the fact that im putting in the most work and Im lazy. You wouldn't believe that your own death was devised
  • So tell me, Are you good at being annoying or does it run in the family genes/jeans
  • Cause it never wear's off, You good at it. You probably one of the only few people who made me wanna punch the screen
  • It's like when everyone rages quits at the long awaited scene
  • I hope its not Ish beating metro cause that won't be aired to be seen
  • Its never gonna happen so good luck finding it on TV
  • Im just tryna give the static instead of keeping it
  • Im sick of my microphone giving the quote "No signal"
  • Im getting cut off, like every simp
  • Is that how i gotta do ish, cause he wont leave me alone? Keep it moving pimp
  • Cause he can't seem to let go off the situation but he choking against me right now
  • He ain't gonna be breathing, Since he couldn't calm down and get a grip
  • I jokingly called him out and he took it to heart, I was trying to spare him
  • But I guess his value as a battle rapper sinks. You'll go down like the titanic and see where the fishes swim
  • Im out here laughing at a dead man like ish being sent to the mourge It's becoming grim
  • Look I ain't try in this battle, I dont care for it. So ish this can be your W try to escape all ya Limb(s)

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