Battles  nocents vs T-KOZY


this is a competition of diss tracks, both a beat battle and battle-rap as both T-KOZY and NOCENTS are producers/vocalists.

Max of 64 lines


This battle ended in a tie.


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  • no hard feelings but you get on my nerves
  • i finna go hard sammy and this shit finna hurt
  • so far, i just hope that u do your worst
  • i deserve a good fight, so don't make me regret it
  • the way ill rip you shreds, u maybe might need a medic
  • bitch i be swimming in pussy while you be clicking on reddit
  • the last lady in your bed, was your mum when you wet it
  • (i'm fucking sick of this pussy his fucking life is pathetic)
  • you're a bum and you know it, you fucking low life, you wasteman
  • my shit is so hype, leave stains like a paint can
  • t cozy got no life, no changes if u end it
  • no cap, i don't lie, you're as a fake as a spray tan
  • claiming shit almost like you know something, hold up you're so funny
  • cant contain my laughter little bastard, you're alone buddy
  • no money, so broke you don't even know money, let alone hold any
  • and compared to you, fairly i be buried in wealth
  • when i listen to you talk i feel embarassed myself
  • it pissed me off so bad i needed therapy help
  • you look barely alive, are you aware of your health?
  • and i didnt even wanna bother mentioning your stature
  • thats a low blow, and it be your brains im tryna splatter
  • my intentions were to foster what i got and what you lack
  • but what im actually going after is the shot to fire back
  • cause you don't want the smoke you choke upon a morsel of my potency
  • it takes scatterplot to track the path to overthrowing me
  • i keep the crown, the throne, the queen
  • you're dead to me, your so deceased
  • that you should go ahead, open your casket (ain't it cozy T?)
  • close it over yourself, don't just only dip your toes in please
  • cause this will be your home before you know it, no tomorrow T
  • i hold the power next to you i tower over making sourdough and cheese
  • hey, ever heard of showering?
  • you fucking stunk up my base, up every time you came thru
  • and one time i gave shrooms to you, big mistake move
  • on my part, cause then you went and complained to-
  • your mother, like "it was that Clay dude"
  • that fraction of a gram, yeah it really did a number
  • you fucking calling your mommy, it honestly makes me wonder
  • if battling's even worth it, this shit is just too easy
  • a w's what i'm working toward but fuck how they see me
  • because I know I've won, im too above to get even
  • Im really hunting you down, while you be ducking and fleeing
  • my stomach grumbling, I'm teething, if I am hungry i'm eating
  • and plus you suck at producing how 'bout you come take a beating
  • you'd be lucky to get with the ugliest girls i been with
  • and i'm so done with the bullshit that i've put up with
  • you're finished in minutes
  • this little virgin's an excuse of person
  • I let lose with my words i'm nonsense and you're stupid
  • you get bested, and wet up you better let up your clueless
  • i'm so fed up, that I almost get upset with this nuisance
  • if you think that your better, than its offensive im through with it
  • say it with your chest, come and step up and prove it


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  • thinkin you bad because you got some seedy friends
  • i was out making classics you was dropping edm
  • what you know about growing up being broke?
  • livin in ghettos where devils are dealin coke
  • what you know about cutting your fathers noose down?
  • looking out your window to catch a view of a shootout
  • you grew up too sheltered, we made do with welfare
  • disability checks, lucky to have a shelter
  • what you know about them value village outfits?
  • stealing scraps of metal for anything you can salvage
  • Watching loved ones mental health go down the drain
  • when was the last time you dealt with pounds of pain
  • fuck the mixing, this rap shit? I mastered it
  • I'll tear you down with every last word and adjective
  • middle class rat bastard saying hes bi
  • how you cast the widest net and you still come up dry?
  • remember when i outrapped you, on bad mood?
  • let you go last but i was so lyrically past you?
  • your fucking verse was so whack we had to scrap the song
  • got me thinkin bout why the fuck we collabed at all
  • weakest link in the group, Migizi's thinkin it too
  • go ahead and ask him, it may be sick but it's true
  • I walk in grippin the tool, I empty clips into you
  • making a decent track is like long division to you
  • jumped up junkie, i know this chump won't jump me
  • cuz you'd be done-zo soon as i get the guns out homie
  • everyone know, you one-note lil one trick pony
  • are you dumb, hoe? why you tryna fuck wit Kozy
  • i wish that you and M-A woulda switched places, when he
  • overdosed in your arms at that party and barely made it
  • go easy on ya, what kinda shit is you takin??
  • take a hit of that dust everyone can see that you're cravin'
  • Momma sent you to rehab, i can sense you gon relapse
  • my bet is on fentanyl but maybe its gonna be crack
  • your mother's a sex worker, she sellin pussy for paper
  • wont even hug her son but she constantly fuckin strangers
  • hell she proly raped him, thats why he shy and reclusive
  • Told him I want smoke, he said aight you gotta produce it
  • actin like that'll phase me, what kind of gay little loser
  • would calculate in his brain that it's sane to do this maneuver

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