Battles  80HD vs DRnova


Paul Rosenberg (80HD) V.S. Slim Shady (DrNova) USE YOUR FIRST DO NOT WRITE NEW

Max of 63 lines


DRnova won this battle!


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  • //Intro
  • Aye yo Em
  • FUCK YOU *spits*
  • //Verse 1
  • You fuckin hate me? Oh c'mon shady
  • Maybe if you never lost your top
  • No cap, you'd be an awesome pop
  • Star like MGK, so you hate me? Not at all
  • Hard rhyme let me say, dude, you're a monster god
  • Because of me, I made you
  • Me and Dre, true
  • You were closer to Dre's crew
  • But we made Proof
  • Pop, Same you, where there was great news
  • I made fake news
  • So you can obtain jewels
  • And this is a lil late, truth
  • Is through the hate, you
  • Are just the second Jay bruh
  • The Renegade stuff made ya
  • Sex for days but stop a bunch
  • Yeah I talk veauge junk and creepy talk
  • But say believe me dawg
  • We all miss Slang Ton and Freaky Tah
  • Listen bro Criminal was really nonsense
  • A frickin joke 8 mile you frickin choked and Guilty Conscience
  • Be truthful I wrote youre witty comments
  • //Chorus
  • You don't know me
  • And you don't need me
  • I control you
  • So you can diss me but
  • You don't know me
  • And you don't need me
  • I control you
  • So you can diss me
  • //Verse 2
  • So tell 'em you paid MGK
  • All you had was an empty page
  • And was sending rage
  • To yourself was decling
  • Seemed like these
  • Peaks rising, heep time to
  • Climb but it's a steep climb dude
  • Used to rock protcted vest
  • Now you expect the rest
  • To be on your level, mount everest
  • So Eminem do you ever rest
  • Or record and do thangs
  • Illegaly like two chains
  • Go hard on a snare like Wu tang
  • Thats how you lose brains
  • And sent to bed, hope this gen is dead


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  • (Eminem and Mike Tyson skit)
  • Awww oh What the Fuck…..? Mike….?(Mike Tyson) Em is that You ?
  • 0:10 (Hook 4 Times DRnova as Slim Shady)
  • Dear Paul Rosenberg….(Oh yes Mother F-N You) I Hate You….!
  • (Mike Tyson) Oh I’m Sorry 😞 Please forgive Me ?
  • 0:30 (DRnova as Slim Shady)
  • I’m going to attempt to kill myself with a mic and (Vocals)
  • I’m crystal clear as your wearing your Bifocals you (Bastard)
  • I’m young compared to you Old Dirty your bars are (Disaster)
  • 🤬(Steve Berman) "Do you just fucking hate me?"
  • I’m the (Master of Slang) and you ain’t bringing a Thing on (Stage)
  • I’m full of (Rage) cause y’all keep me locked in a (Invisible Cage)
  • Now I’m fucking lose to cause havoc on (Rap Pad)
  • Deflating mother fucking cocky pricks like a (Rap Clap)
  • 🤬(Steve Berman) "What the fuck have I ever done to you?
  • 0:53 (DRnova as Slim Shady)
  • I’m a pimp Daddy or whatever you want to call me (Bitch)
  • I’m here to give You a (Stitch) or Two or even (More)
  • Whatever it takes for you to drop you Ego at the (Door)
  • I’m gonna do It you (Nerd)
  • Beat you up like a frozen (Turd)
  • Just like I did to (Paul Rosenberg)
  • For not signing me to (Def Jam )
  • He told me that I’m (all by myself Fam)
  • So that’s why I gave him (my right Hand)
  • 1:12 (Hook 4 Times DRnova as Slim Shady)
  • Dear Paul Rosenberg….
  • (Oh yes Mother F-N You)
  • I Hate You….!
  • 🤬1:28 (Paul Rosenberg) It’s a slippery slope..I don’t think 💭 it’s a good Idea?
  • 1:30 (DRnova as Slim Shady)
  • Just like I’m gonna Do to You Slut
  • So just fuck You .. with Two Middles.
  • Fuck your gold and all your Riddles.
  • Because I’m gonna kill you Bitch!
  • You don’t want to fuck with Shady
  • I’m too fucking Crazy to Control
  • I’m a Asshole born without a Soul
  • Really to cut you up in (Chunks)
  • Store you in fucking boxes for (Lunch)
  • I can’t get (Enough) of this cannibal Stuff
  • Yum Yum Yum …
  • 1:50 (Hook 4 Times DRnova as Slim Shady)
  • Dear Paul Rosenberg….
  • (Oh yes Mother F-N You)
  • I Hate You….!
  • 🤬 2:07 (Steve Berman Skit)
  • 2:18 (Eminem Skit)
  • No, I don't plan to reply to everybody who fuckin' says something fucked up about me.
  • But I will say this,"Sucker free, confidence High Such a Breeze when I pen rhymes"
  • Like, you don't understand I'm rhyming the entire fuckin' sentence …You fuckin' moron !
  • It's my fault 'cause you're fuckin' stupid
  • But I swear to God this motherfucker lives in Michigan and I think I figured out his address
  • And I'm on my way to his fuckin' house right now! Dear Paul Rosenberg….

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