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  • And now it's clear as this promise
  • Then i'll smoke your ass like snuff
  • I'm invincible, defeating you is inevitable, cause i'm invisible
  • I'm going to bury you in this box i made outta your own kitchen table
  • I'm blowing out your dome because i'm going cold with vengeance
  • Don't make me shoot up this place with light sabers and guns
  • I just know i'm that dope
  • From blunt smoke to gun smoke
  • This is the way your life is supposed to be going.
  • Them niggas lack bars like underground when their celly ring
  • Im not going to want your sympathy
  • Whaddup hoops, tell them it was for the money
  • Plagiarized swag, may arrive last
  • Stick to ma word, yo i'll smoke your bitch ass
  • Talk much shit cause i never had shiti could remember being whupped in class
  • And here's the fact that i'm fighting back using music to expose your ass
  • Once as a slave who imagined being free
  • Im not going to want your sympathy
  • I apologize i don't recollect your name
  • Thanks to me your a drug fiend and going insane
  • A single mother with a problem child, daddy free
  • After getting your ass repeatedly handed to me.
  • When you write your lyrics your going to go mental,
  • To dream is to live life’s full potential
  • Like a plague spreading the fever your going to feel the heat
  • But if you're not dying don't fucking bother to call me back, i'm sleep
  • When your shits going from bad to worse turn around and reverse
  • My only purpose is to jerk it cause it has a curve
  • I don't have to kiss your ass
  • Plagiarized swag, may arrive last
  • Nigga with too much to say, you might make a fool of yourself
  • You say to me you might be going with someone else
  • I'm after you bringing traffic through
  • Then you're going to prison i bet you/
  • She insecure with her body so she like fuck it though
  • If the feds run up on you , you're going to death row
  • You're going home alone cause homies show you to the exit
  • Trust me these niggas rushed me for something my cousin probably did
  • Cause rolling with the fake got my loved ones killed
  • So i'm going to tryyyyy to live you to the highest.
  • I know it's hard but who does god choose to go through it worst
  • I'm going to stop right here cause you just got burned
  • Im going to lyricly destroy you
  • I guarantee our change whatever we go through
  • Cause you know, aside from me strugglin' or coming up in one of the most
  • I can tell you smoke - i'm not sure if you tried to rap or if you just choked


  • Be well, even if you a rat and thee tells, they still ain't gon find DeTaiLs
  • Even if you a DeTective, I'm not in your world, not in this T L
  • To a female, you wouldn't prevail, Double Tap, an L sent in your email
  • You'd Die, just To lose. Your Duodenum? They Loose. I dismembered D T L
  • I'm Lucifer on this shit, I gotta bring an L. I'm the king of flames
  • That's who I am, so better go change your stingy name, I'm the king of hell
  • This Dingus claims he's the king of flames, though I point at him with wings of bane
  • Tell him to come forward, then he'll get popped, because I let that finger bang
  • Chill out, it's really hard for me to spend time on someone worthless like you
  • Go register that in your brain, you're just another ignorant, light dude
  • Season veterans, that's what poured in my Food. Your skills? They're boring, my dude
  • You make us look stupid. You'd be decreasing humanity's current IQ
  • A soft ass dude. Your kindergarten teacher regrets that they taught you, dude
  • Now he's on this website. Rap with amateurs skill thinking he rocks this, dude
  • Get praised around and honor to, if actually anyone was mocking you
  • Cause even a hobo bum would tend to think they're quite better off than you

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