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  • grade shit? but ur raps like top 10 comebacks lists copied and pasted, fuck ur gerrymandering immortality,
  • like u said: "stop with the karen shit" & like hell has come said: ur a spider, ensnare us in webs of lies? very pandering bitch, u'll vanish easy,
  • & me? im a ushi-oni, playing in this beach cannibal holocaust/tamagochi, birthin aqrabuamelu bodying greater sun gods than shamash to lobby, compared we mad different sat small at my feet,
  • nd if ur dyin, ur veins'll need robbed lyrics to pump you up, check every battle this bitch posts raps deceit,
  • before jesusmx, three kings bled gold mryhh frankencense, then i cornerstoned goals, new frankenstiens, murderous hydra-headed mrymecoleon, probly improving her writing rn, im her inspiration she bites bars from til she teethless and poisoned- i'll let these after her dead corpse passes eat,
  • & even when this zombie raises bars so low, we still more impressed by that she can write her weak shit, foe im father-god for star-bannered spangled-barred villain mythos in flow, godfather of monster-contrabands, no don corleone, man they really shouldn't of set me at noobs with big smoke-'s bat for thieves,
  • eagle-eyed stretch each magma u flipped then give it back to me, who is this new lilliputian, transcontinental, hobo songbird? biting the trip i wrote, fang teethed & shoddy spine like a rose manticore mongst lurked?
  • yea she an innovator, writes in new emotional styles called "cornily or idiotically simple" - like: "ur not cold like pepsi max to drink, it's just u fat and sweet"
  • also hides her ugly face cus it's progerian & pimpled, a winning deal fairly happenin's eight-ball random g,
  • kyphotic, i bury em, wilt like fusarium oxysporum, don't be like barium, reactive attention whoring, my new developments of life like past pithercormorphic-synanthrope's protoplasms forming, like jerry's traps that's springed, locked jaws clamp pussies,
  • probly a pedo not supposed to be on the net like edarem, in battles lip-synced ur favourite lyrics, to beat me you need fairy's magic, hexes or occultist schemes,
  • so u better refer to her as her thousand new genders created or ur a cis male ableist dog reaped like when the nazis gave zyclon planting seeds,
  • zaouli mask dance in ivory towers or face gut-churning types of osteology, unlock doors with this skeleton key - the turn of the screw for ur morphology, i got ready algorithims, more math to read,
  • irl she probly looks like muscle man from regular show, go & cut ur wrists with the razor edge u show, after chopping legs off im heavy handling her held at her knees,
  • like mary sheperd-sunderland i pushed this envelope from silent hill sea to sea bounding like mandelbrot sets, ur useless as pennies of tax income in monopoly,
  • blood leaks out this social justice warrior's soaked juggular, we're jus warmin in my own league, playin who can next guess the card's pictured face a borin game to me,
  • readin ur raps, i hear micheal cera talking, only way we fear u, that's embarrassment how u shudder these,
  • im the kongo cosmogram, alhim, laughing at cosmically humorous problems, try reach the one like collatz conjecture, ill cut in like mr. scissor-or-freddy's hands could snip up bloodbaths from dreams
  • & ur like: "behind ur small erection, u've got stds inside your rectum" - that's weak, ill terminate her, to beat me she'll need metal-men to bring, robots, skynet teamed,
  • said ur a cyberbully cus u only make fake threats, capeesh? my invisible hand's now red solid fingers, cause war to stream
  • where ancient knowledge of alienistic papyrology stablizes mindstates like metastabilities, where the impresario's at impressing them interprovincially, this american horror story's of lil violet harmin into violent harming, get this message bout-all in, i-land far from these,
  • i gave u away, doctors switched babies around then lied to charlotte, in wars antiarrythmic hearts'll beat on sleeves like hard beats to be worn like rosaries hittin rock-harder than xenolithic peaks lil subpar subsidiarys and anomalous asshole-anomalies til ur star-eyed, too dizzy from punches,
  • cognatively-dissonant meatsack-cuckoo cooked from flips of the bird, the word's im a 360 dealer reducing best's revenues, for that, i guess this next coming person tied up's good, try cover my songs like lenny kravitz singin old rhaspodies,
  • & u got kidnapped in moscow? should be awarded most bullshit story ever recorded, ill cherrypick ur head & drink ur brain indeed,
  • illiterate bitch makes me think did she fucking just learn how to write her horseshit? u've barely scratched your crypt's surface to leave,
  • im a creative-creator god, chaotic headsman like ai apaec, ill emancipate or decapitate ya, ur sparklin doggy's bags of shit at tallying beef,
  • at the age of 1.4 years old on rappad, u captivated us, compared to sugarcoated horror shows, in frees, i set bloody mary strangled & candymen with beasts,
  • this jewelled-gold's detailed as farbegé eggs, goody two-shoehorned mules tombstoned cold's wove like macrame, ur junkie parents scare u fighting over meth like breaking bad, get xd out like piyawat harikun play-battling,
  • as curtains draw in, im a juke-goat guānghuá de senpan feelin félicien financin in a rwandan-version of this form, ecto-eargasmς of primitive σ, xs markin spot dawgs like vixlet, this petty counterfeit in normality,
  • ur mastress at self-diagnosis savage as a taliban-afghan who tortures the weak,
  • manipulatin masses massively, fake emo shunned or raving man gon mad? under floorboards where u swept ur last bullshit carpeted,
  • perplexing-paragon, commencin dawned almawt, spit nasty as the skanky trailer chicks as ur family,
  • hope ur big bro's watchin like 1984 in heaven, channel in spirituality
  • this wannabe-unique mental toddler to grow, i'm getting a snowflake affected with shame to walk, my smoke's like flavoured dank weeds hotboxed, but u know noth bout these,
  • dojo dj coke la rock of herculean hyperboles, deal with her like the dealer who fed meech flakka with her torn face to feast,
  • it kind of explains why ur style's so plain when you're a giant fan of hopsin, my bodies diseased, get em quarantined, they spawn monstrous breeds,
  • imagine this tranvestite fire a gat as she writes about, try nd heal like ginseng tea medicine fix those so serene,
  • shittin out tsar bombas, wow the nerve of this net like cnidaria, im a carnivorous-portugese man 'o war, fly on a mic like blue bottles, wav-to-mp3, this lowered quality,
  • & a 14 yr old tellin older guys on the forum you love them's disgustin im exposing knowledge like i cracked davinci's code and then tossed the keys, ur def bullied irl with insults mirrorin self projected shit, soon as this lever cranks, begun's black-holed battlefields,
  • play uma thurman vs a half ancient eastern zhou half mao zedong-like yellow emperor, when a punch line u up, u hear tsss, as cymbals clang, u'll see toys flashed, monkeys,
  • can you believe it? from anti-religous jokes to this athiest being martyr ironically, ur a pidgeon shitting on 4d chessboards to cheat,
  • to anyone else ill leave the destruction of double standards from lyric stealing hypocrites adjorned atleast, quit blarin ego-inflatin pageantry,
  • when u write, its ala kachuu of a kyrgz dictator's values marryin people's freedom with korruptsiya, treasured-trash u bring, it's scams u feed,
  • to be kept short: u made ur bed, now before you lay in it brit, brush ur teeth, wash ur mouth like your sound: jet-sprayed white-noise like pedalled-flanging b,
  • authoritative black knight of embarrassment for rappad, acrophobiacs fear the ego of this clown, rap? you can't cunt, like playboy carti memes,
  • i os de hochet, battle me, my ennemie's languages mastered like polyglots, summum bonum, trainin on tracks wouldn't beat me even as far as moscow to pyongyang, this a deadly cat-scan experiment hazmatted,
  • so grade urself e for effort or lowest-tier, don't get schizo like when these jarred-heads start to talk back to me


  • What a mistake. You do blind battles, what a piss take.
  • Let me put it this way, you're misplaced. The nursery ain't this way.
  • I drop bombs like a Kamikaze, no bitch harms me.
  • I went from nothing to something, where did you go?
  • 47 days I waited in line for this battle of mine.
  • Time don't equal Ws when you battle with V, I
  • will kick your behind, drag you with me because you're behind.
  • You can see why I'm being nice, but fuck no let's let that shit go.
  • Your career be short like a leprechaun, you better call 999
  • Before you die die die to my Michael Myers knife knife knife.
  • Leave you sliced and diced in the freezer, nice and iced.
  • Served with peas and rice, don't that sound exquisite?
  • I can make a pure hit man, call me Agent 47.
  • I can take your reputation quick, prick, call it repossession.
  • Suck the blood from your organs, no piano, no viewer discretion.
  • I guess dropping to 3rd grade is the new trend, lemme get with it.
  • Fuck it, I'mma go to start a war, kinda like Hillary.
  • You must be getting pissed of me, like a week late delivery.
  • Make a mountain out a mound, you won't know my trickery.
  • Clear your history, like a 12-year-old watching porn and doesn't want his mum to see.
  • Have you put to sleep, like a lullaby, give you a long kiss goodnight.
  • You'll be in an out of prison, call yourself Suge Knight.
  • Don't drop the Dove, or your hole'll be stretched that night.
  • You got the style of a meth breath crackhead who was on Jeremy Kyle.
  • Leave the condom in your ass when I fuck you with these lines.
  • Grab me a pint, like an Irishman, these'll be fun times.
  • Have your head flushed like red blush, more deceased than a dead bush.
  • Don't push, just hush, before I burn you like sweet kush.
  • I got my murders hidden like a sex toy, come trace me.
  • I'll have your career raped and killed like a victim of John Wayne Gacy.
  • The blood be tasty, I must be Three Finger
  • Rip the flesh of your head, letting the lust linger.
  • I can't tell if you smell of shit or what.
  • Or if it's just the transparent semen leaking from your rod.
  • Why does your yard smell like carp and cod?
  • It's because you live with a big fish and a little fish in a cardboard box.
  • You're washed, but I don't mean refreshed.
  • I mean more dead than the seaweed that washes up onto the deck.
  • You're lost, more than my sanity from my head.
  • Because your dad forced an insertion in your cavity that left your arse dead.
  • This is the monster's feast, you can get the crumbs off the plate.
  • I may be 2 weeks late but I didn't take 7 like you did mate.
  • Man I can see your true colours, huh, life is strange.
  • Page me when you wanna collab, but I may not be in range.
  • You can't sit at the table with the beasts, you got haemorrhoids, see.
  • Bitch please, soon I'll be making bank like Lloyds TSB.
  • Can hear your heart thundering, making the roads shiver.
  • I'll de-liver you, deliver it and give it to someone who's about to wither.
  • Only some deserve to live, but some are here by such luck.
  • You still suck, close your jaws, I see cum dripping from your arse! Yuck!
  • I may be 2 weeks late but I didn't take 7 like you.
  • Good things come to those who wait, but that ain't true.

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