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No rules,dougie.

Max of 12 lines


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  • Yo ass sweet like a muhfuckin' candy, rappa
  • Dressed up to the nines thinkin you look dappa'
  • My shit avant garde like my name is Frank Zappa
  • Know my way around yo car like I work at NAPA
  • All ya'll bitches wanna do is make some propaganda
  • You don't make the U S good then I'll make it betta
  • You goan need ta learn the lingo best go get Rosetta
  • They all call me a go getta' when I clutch beretta
  • Green be up inside my pocket like a weed deala'
  • I be makin' that good music like it habanera
  • Brewin' up some wicked shit like we up in Salem uh
  • Bucket hat up on mah head like a damm explora'


  • Drop em soon as you get to talkin, since you On the Beat
  • If I’m a candy rapper for the paper this R.I.P
  • If you Frank Zappa I’m Bobby Brown, goin down on ya mom tonight
  • Fuck NAPA, you gassed up, get this work from the one who got the drive
  • You think whoever responds will be from the US? That shit is just embarrassin
  • Leave ya head spinnin, make the world revolve around you, typical American!
  • I know you ain’t even make music but check the tone or get clocked like a metronome
  • I ain’t need Rosetta to speak with the hands, my legacy been set in stone
  • You got two twin mamas and they both look like the Blues Brothers, you be askin for their room numbers
  • Talkin bout “green be up in my pocket” I leave ya face black and blue to show ya true colors
  • Writin bout guns and shit when we all know you ain’t never shot those
  • Ya name may be Jughead but you could never draw the longnose

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