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Battle on September 23 2019


  • Here we go again the way I spit
  • Verses it should be a sin
  • let the lyrical destruction begin
  • fuck it iam going hard in the paint
  • I'm in to win
  • on a whole nother level about
  • to push the gas pedal
  • change the channel because Iam
  • about to give u a hardcore sample
  • spitting fire about to light the candle
  • roaring like a caged beast destroying
  • the rap game like a piece of raw meat
  • I got the rap game on lock like a true
  • g


  • I got my dick inside your orifice my metamorphosis,
  • Consists of open sores my pores are pits that pull you in absorbant skin,
  • You’re slower then a tortoise is I leave my shell and torture kids,
  • My brain is what the earth is orbiting I control the wind,,
  • I’m smoldering sort of lit cordial when murdering,
  • Bodies in the burning pit in the womb I learned to spit,
  • I carved in the placenta so you marks better remember,
  • Staying sharper then a blender I’ll stuff your carcass in a letter,,
  • Yo dawg they say I fell off but gravity reversed,
  • Backwards so I’m the worst I rose up out the hearse,
  • Then I lived until my crib days the chill sage,
  • I took an oath and sat in silence for about a million days,,

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