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  • I'm going crazy out here...
  • I Ain't going through no phase.
  • Probably gonna be feeling this way..
  • Until im old and grey..
  • My Fist grip the cage... shaking that bitch.. like a slave
  • Im living in a rage.. No time for me.. to hit the stage
  • Living with the problems.. That someone else made..
  • My Tears cascade.. Scribbling on the page..
  • Im all alone, on lifes stage..
  • Nobody for me to call, when im afraid.
  • How the fuck can i dream.. When im always awake?..
  • When i Gotta keep a shank.. Just to walk down the hallway
  • Nobody's.. a call away.
  • Smoking on moon rocks.. Can't think..Im always baked..
  • I wanna play the game.. With cuz.. But i can't.
  • Hes doing juvenile life.. And i just got outta boot camp..
  • Can't send him no money.. All we got is food stamps.
  • You couldn't walk in my boots.. Ya troops will get cramps.
  • No words..could bruise the champ..
  • I come/cum from nothing... Like Jesus
  • The lines be so sharp.. Its like the paper has creases..
  • I will pull a caper to help my nieces..
  • Enemy's rest in pieces.. That corny shit.. Just needs to rest in feces..
  • Im my own species.. My bars so illegal.. So i speakeasy..
  • My attention deficit.. Makes killing multiple victims.. Effortless.
  • I count dracula.. Not syllables.. So Fuck ya fake rap ethics..
  • There's no prerequisite.. To how you spit.. Y'all steal shit.
  • Your wrist is a prosthetic.. Y'all gotta prop up the headless..
  • Rage quit on life, naw im not that type
  • I rather take shit, stay the same, never shapeshift
  • Ill put you in a grave, stiff, my bars makeshift
  • Im up like richard bransons space ship
  • Im after kings, and they proud to bury pawns
  • Ill cut ya head off, like the fucking green knight
  • Crime scenes yellow tape at the red light
  • Then chase after ya queen all through the night
  • Scare you at the school, your an L.. and im bishop
  • Playing chess with lyrics while doing sit ups You sent it blind trying to attract a user...Didn't think trill was gonna attack you through the computer
  • Im transcendent and your transgender...Show me your hands..then you can surrender
  • Fuck ya plans.. easy wins is your agenda
  • With generic punches..Everytime you enter....These Lamers and gamers can't enter the 36 chamber...I got 36 birds stashed at neighbors...And your falling off to the bottom like an anchor...Ankor wat.. im not bot.. And like this coke in the pot..Im going to rise to the top.

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