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  • People hating, People calling Jesus Sky daddy
  • Well i'm calling him lord cause I'm not no paddy
  • Since people been like this God been sad crying for you
  • God gave you all this time to repent why spying on you
  • God said i am the beginning and the last
  • God said when you with me it's no no past
  • He forgave you just forget the past darling no need to cry
  • Rest in peace devil you don't belong in this temple so by
  • You so mad can't take the pain well hand it to the one God (Baby)
  • Go Praise the lord he gave everything no sins no sex Rod (Rod)
  • Baby he gave you his love i was a stray until he came into my life now
  • Get comfortable with it he loves you ooh just try it one time you like how
  • all you need to do is pray no need to give up just let it flow baby trust me
  • Jesus got mad cause all the people ruined God's temple wasn't for to be
  • Jesus He a good one a real one so if you want love baby just pray to him
  • Jesus he came to life 3 days later baby get it no conversation get the trim
  • Jesus can't stop saying his name i think you need his vibes go by his side
  • Before i loved him on the death line been sick since 1 yeah i'mma go ride
  • Brown hair Brown beard 3 words peace loving and sweet like candy uh
  • Goodness he the manager i'm the worker aye he is nice and handy uh

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