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Battle on December 28 2020


  • Iam back in this bitch dripping
  • wet with a iced out wrist
  • true to the game in every verses
  • I spit
  • on a whole nother level
  • like MJ in this bitch
  • sound the alarm
  • while I spit this hot
  • shit
  • tech 9 go blast in this
  • bitch
  • bin laden closed the door
  • to my compound like
  • god in this bitch!


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  • I stay on top beef like a condiment...My aim im confident
  • I don't give a fuck, bout no consequence
  • I step on more shit than a farmer
  • In the projects..With some shit, that'll blow through ya armor
  • Stepping hard, like im wearing cleats
  • In the field..But we not playing no games this week
  • Shit gets real When you meet my two feet
  • They be like Trill your too street.
  • But your the best at choosing beats
  • What the fuck is that?...What the fuck is that?
  • Police knocking at the fucking trap
  • Ready to step, bitch i ain't busting back
  • Running out the back, like im running track
  • I keep that fire plus a big blunt to match

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